Excellent. Just came across one of my favourite LORIOT short movies with Eglish subtitles. Enjoy! Even though it is even more enjoyable when you understand German and hava a grip of German culture. ;-)

Autumn at Skräddartorp

Autumn has taken over in Sweden, a true Indian Summer is going on right now. Take a look at these pictures from today, taken at Skräddartorp.

IMAG1736 IMAG1737 IMAG1738 IMAG1739 IMAG1742

Rediscovery of the LP record

If someone would have told me in the 90’s that I would buy LP records in 2014, and sort of “dump” music on compact discs….yeah, right. But here I am, having spent money on two brand new albums of artists like LORDE and Weeping Willows. And of course in second hand shops as well as at Norrköpings Vaxkupan, the browsing of used LPs by now is a standard procedure.

How on earth did this happen, you might think? Well, thanks to the beloved, who is quite a nerd of sound technique, we have a greatly working vintage stereo equipment at home, involving a record player and amplifier of the known Swedish brand Sonab .

Together with Mirsch (also Swedish, they worked with Sonab in the 70’s) and Sony loudspeakers, the playing of vinyl records all of a sudden became real fun. One notices a so much richer sound from an LP than from a CD. I am no expert in technical details, but there is indeed a difference in sound quality between these two types of records.

So I reckon at home, there will be quite some vinyl playing from now on, even though one has to go and change the sides of the records (part of the fun as well, though). While travelling it will be totally digital music, though, either iPod or Spotify.

I found a nice article on digitaltrends from 2013, which explains quite well why vinyl is back.

The feeling that listening to vinyl makes music come alive, in fact makes YOU come alive, a lot of people share, and I totally agree. Read this forum thread on Singletrack and you get an idea.

In that sense – keep the turntable cool!

Norrköping Sunday Morning Walk

Having been bed bound during almost the entire last week due to a nice office flu, I was very happy to finally get out into sunshine and fresh air. Time for a Sunday morning walk through Norrköping, between about 09.15 and 11.15, before the shops open and the city really comes to life. The camera accompanied me, and I took it veeery easy during the almost 7 km long stroll through town. Partly because of the nice weather, but definitely because not all the nice germs left the body yet. So join me on the rest of a lazy Sunday, maybe checking out the pics I took today.


Management Wisdom

Posting this more for my personal pleasure – Lars Lagerbäck mentioned on Monday’s Idrottsgala in Stockholm that he sometimes used this sheet as a part of his presentations. So true, the message ;)


Merry Christmas!

Today I went for a short trip to Linköping. Presents were already bought earlier, so today it was more about getting the hair done (happens about twice per year) and general browsing and people watching. It was a relaxed atmosphere on the streets. People stopping and chatting with  each other, carrying the last presents or food shopping bags home. In most of the shops, the attendants were a bit worn out after the Christmas shopping time, and I reckon they will just be extremely happy when they finally can go home and relax, even if they might have difficulties to adjust from Christmas rush to Christmas peace with the family and loved ones (been there, done that for quite some years).

Anyhow – all of you, have a Merry Christmas and a great start into the New Year!


(Storgatan in Linköping, fully dressed in Christmas.)

I love ICA-Stig

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite Swedish TV-ads – the ones for ICA supermarket. About every week they launch a new short movie, each time with a silly theme. It doesn’t necessarily make me buy more with them, simply since I do not naturally pass an ICA every day. However, they do get my sympathy points because their ads are silly, witty or clever at the same time. Hope you understand a bit of Swedish, or that you simply anyway get the idea behind the ones I am going to post below.

This is one of their latest – a bit in style with Amelie and in the sign of health, with a wet and cold autumn ahead:

Another favourite from this summer when the Women’s European Football Championship was on, is the ad with Kosovare Aslani, a famous Swedish lady footballer. She has a sponsoring contract with ICA and they make her say that crisps and chocolate are healthy carbohydrates. She gets tired of posing and says that this won’t be any trustworthy ad whatsoever (never mind that no ad is). ICA-Stig makes her continue by asking if they have to go through the contract again…

Right, let’s wait for the next one then! They do have their own You-Tube-channel – in case you want to watch more of them or use them as “training-Swedish-material”.

Do you have favourite ads? Feel free to comment and link to the ones you can watch over and over again.