Christmas Eve 2015

This year, we decided very early in autumn to stay at home in Norrköping during Christmas.

We also decided to follow the tradition of our friend Anneli, the tradition of walking the streets of one’s town on Christmas Eve, after 3pm. At 3pm, most of the people are at home, watching the traditional show with Donald Duck & friends.

Sooo… the streets are empty! While Anneli was enjoying Stockholm at that time, we were walking through Norrköping.

See a selection of the pictures taken in the album  Christmas Eve 2015 .

Happy New Year to all of you!! 


Jam and Marmalade FTW!

This week started for me with a jam making course at Harg Odlarna in Kisa! The course was in cooperation with Eldrimner in Östersund. Throughout the course we got to know quite a bit of new stuff about the basics of jam and marmalade cooking. I also got confirmed quite a bit of the knowledge I already had from my own more or less self-taught marmalade cooking sessions during the last seasons.

Apart from learning new things, it was great meeting other nerds of that area of interest, and it will be great fun to stay in touch with each other. Follow the link for pictures from the course. The ones of you that understand Swedish have a definite advantage when it comes to reading the recipes ;-).


P1000205 P1000204 P1000267 P1000257 P1000211 P1000210



Flu Fighter Soup – a recipe

Is everybody sneezing and coughing around you? Do you feel a flu coming on or are you already one down in a fight against it? Then this recipe might help you getting back on track. Take yourself to the supermarket, or send someone, to buy the following ingredients for a flu fighting soup with 3 – 4 servings:

– a tin or glass with 400 grams  tomato pulp
– a tin with cherry tomatoes (ca. 250 grams)
– 1 onion
– 2 – 3 garlic toes
– 1 piece of ginger (thumbnail size)
– 1 lime
– Mediterranean herbs (loads), fresh or dried
– chili powder (or fresh chili, or dried, whatever you have available)
– sea salt (a good amount)
– a big tea-spoon of honey
– olive oil
Optional: 200 grams of salmon (fresh or unfrozen) OR Wiener sausages (or other tasty sausages, whatever you fancy)

Then you throw the ingredients together as follows. However, before you start, you have to understand that the soup works through its components “hot/spicy, salty, sour and sweet”. Bearing this in mind, it helps you finding the dose of ingredients you want. It is free to experiment, and let’s face it, if you don’t taste anything due to having a cold, the hotter the soup, the better.

Here we go:
Take a sauce pan of a decent size and put 2 table spoons of olive oil into it, and put it on middle to high heat.
Chop the onion, the ginger and the garlic and stew it in the hot oil, a bit of brown colour is totally desirable. If you use fresh chilies, add these now as well and let them stew with the onions. Chopped chilies of course, and do take out the seeds, and do not forget to wash your hands after handling these. Otherwise your hands will get hot, and eyes, if you rub them with unwashed hands, you probably know what I mean.
If you decided for Salmon or sausage, then these should be cut into pieces and added to the onion/ginger/garlic mixture now, so that even these get a bit of colour on the outside.
Once things in the pan got a bit of colour, add the tomato pulp, and the cherry tomatoes.
Then add the herbs, the chili powder/ dried chilis (if you did not take fresh chilis).
Add as well a generous amount of sea salt and a big spoon of honey. Honey will balance the saltiness and sourness of the soup in a nice way, and it will do wonders for your throat. So don’t be shy.

Now that everything is in the sauce pan, take down the heat to the lower level and let it simmer for about 7 minutes.
The rest should have taken about 10 minutes to fix.

Now you have a great hot soup to enjoy. You can also freeze it and have it next day, so you can really just stay in bed and sleep off whatever decided to hit your poor body.

Get better soon!

And no, there is no picture of the soup, just get creative with the ingredients! Should you find other variations, please do share them in the comment section below, thank you.

Norrköping Walkabout

Today the BF suggested to take a loooong walk through our town, Norrköping. And yep, off we went, almost 10 km from South to East and West of town. We discovered a few new sights and places, and it was a real pleasure to be able to enjoy all the Christmas lights in a halfway decent weather. You must know, it has been pissing down with rain most of the days, and November was a month with only a few hours of sun. December hasn’t shown much of an improvement for that matter either. But never mind, let’s focus on the nice things in life!

Follow the link and join us on our Sunday afternoon Norrköping Walkabout!


Route10 km in 2,5 hours, if anyone is interested. A great round for runners as well!


Excellent. Just came across one of my favourite LORIOT short movies with Eglish subtitles. Enjoy! Even though it is even more enjoyable when you understand German and hava a grip of German culture. ;-)

Autumn at Skräddartorp

Autumn has taken over in Sweden, a true Indian Summer is going on right now. Take a look at these pictures from today, taken at Skräddartorp.

IMAG1736 IMAG1737 IMAG1738 IMAG1739 IMAG1742

Rediscovery of the LP record

If someone would have told me in the 90’s that I would buy LP records in 2014, and sort of “dump” music on compact discs….yeah, right. But here I am, having spent money on two brand new albums of artists like LORDE and Weeping Willows. And of course in second hand shops as well as at Norrköpings Vaxkupan, the browsing of used LPs by now is a standard procedure.

How on earth did this happen, you might think? Well, thanks to the beloved, who is quite a nerd of sound technique, we have a greatly working vintage stereo equipment at home, involving a record player and amplifier of the known Swedish brand Sonab .

Together with Mirsch (also Swedish, they worked with Sonab in the 70’s) and Sony loudspeakers, the playing of vinyl records all of a sudden became real fun. One notices a so much richer sound from an LP than from a CD. I am no expert in technical details, but there is indeed a difference in sound quality between these two types of records.

So I reckon at home, there will be quite some vinyl playing from now on, even though one has to go and change the sides of the records (part of the fun as well, though). While travelling it will be totally digital music, though, either iPod or Spotify.

I found a nice article on digitaltrends from 2013, which explains quite well why vinyl is back.

The feeling that listening to vinyl makes music come alive, in fact makes YOU come alive, a lot of people share, and I totally agree. Read this forum thread on Singletrack and you get an idea.

In that sense – keep the turntable cool!