My suitcase is in Bergamo

Or in Berlin. Or somewhere else. At least he decided to take a different way, or he got kidnapped by some evil bag-abuser, or… Well. Dunno, to be honest. I just hope to get him back soon, especially since I remember now more and more things in it that I really would like to see back here.

We checked in together at Berlin Schönefeld, destination Sweden. But our ways separated somehow. Now I got this link to keep track on whether there are any news of his whereabouts.

On the other hand I probably shouldn’t worry too much, he is after all a well experienced traveller and quite sturdy, belonging to the hard case suitcases of the Samsonite family.But then again, when you read this story

Auf Wiedersehen, then!

Update 18th of April: I was right! He went to Bergamo! That was the only flight-check-in open right next to the one to Stockholm Skavsta at Schönefeld. So I suspected that this was an option… Especially since I have a sticker from the Swedish Moto Guzzi Club on my suitcase, with Italian colours of course… So I reckon someone just saw that and put it onto the trolley for Milano/ Bergamo.

Well, I just got a call from a lady at Skavsta, he is back in Sweden and I will have him back tomorrow.

But anyway, going to Italy without me?! What does he think??! And then so close to Bergamo, Lago di Como and Mandello del Lario, where the Moto Guzzi factory is situated. …

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