About Wha’ever!

Who is Anmara?

Anmara is an abbreviation for Anja Marita Rauch. As there are so many Anjas and also Anja Rauchs around I simply chose to go with this Alias.

As I do not want to bore you with details about what I did so far professionally, please check out the details on  www.xing.com/profile/Anja_Rauch2 and www.linkedin.com/in/anjamaritarauch if you like.

In my LIFE I am interested in a lot of things – they contain amongst others motorcycling, martial arts, silk painting, travelling, Windjammers and sailing, good food, handicraft and craftswork – and of course also cool new gadgets and new media.

My hunger for new developments in the online world gets currently fed by Twingly AB in Linköping, in my new motherland Sweden. Kind of this environment is responsible for me starting to blog as well now – and I must say that I enjoy this a lot already on the first day!

What can you expect from Wha’ever! ?

This blog will contain aspects of both, happenings in my private and work life – there will be several categories that shall bring this in some kind of order. This has to be as due to the fact of being German one has to live up to some kind of order in some way. You will also find German categories on this blog at some point – or other languages, depending on how it develops – and who knows that now, today 29th of July 2008, on an extremely warm summer day in an office in the middle of the town of Linköping in Sweden, where the brain is hardly connected to the body anyway, especially since the air con is broken. Which wakes indeed certain memories to the good old London office days :-).

So – read and enjoy and comment! If you can. Enjoying and commenting, I mean, otherwise you would not understand this, would you?


P.S.: One word of warning, there might be the one or other sarcastic comment or the one or the other typical English understatement like saying ‘not too bad’ when one really means something like ‘marvellous’ – or similar.

P.S.S.: There also has to be a tribute at this point to Mr. Ben Anderson who simply made the word “wha’ever” stick to my teflon brain as he is the one who pronounces it with such a kind of purity and skill that is really hard NOT to enjoy 😉

P.S.S.S.: All sites I link to I simply either like and/or consider it to be useful/interesting information, entertainment or – wha’ever.

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