Summer is here! Almost.

Now it will soon be Swedish summer! Never mind that it was again 3 centigrades plus with rain and sunshine shifting, even that can be considered Swedish summer at times. Summer is approaching, because now, summer seating areas are built on the Swedish market places in every town. The best indication for that the brighter side of the year officially has started!

Example: Linköping. See picture below. And the crew at Twingly still seemed to be working, one always has to check their windows (at least!) when in town 😉 .


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And then there was rhubarb.


I am always amazed how nature in Sweden “explodes” within like 3 weeks from when it starts being continously around plus 5 degrees centigrade and more. This is the first round of rhubarb harvesting. Exceptional for what I am used to. If the nice warm, wet weather continues, we are looking at another load like this in a few weeks time. Nice! There will be crumble pie and jam. Any good rhubarb jam recipes anyone?