Tax disc art!

What to do with old tax discs you collected? Well, try making a collage out of them. It could work out better than expected.

This one I made from Hugo’ s  (see for more)


What did you do with tax disc holders, apart from throwing them away?

Coasters should work out nicely as well… we’ll see what I do with them when the collage is getting boring ūüėČ

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Are you aware about your surroundings? Do you look thoroughly when changing lanes while driving a car? Or when stepping out of your door?

Or do you belong to the people who text or facebook while driving a car, while riding a bicycle or while walking?

If so, do you feel safe?

I then should probably ask instead “Do you feel lucky?” (to talk a bit of Dirty Harry)

Cos it is just a question of time until you get involved in an accident if you lack awareness.

Best case you walk into another person, also occupied with his/her smartphone, not paying attention and knowing what going on around you.

Worst case you walk into a car whose driver is facebooking while driving – that could end not so lucky…

To be aware of what’s going on around you is¬†a life saver.

So, please, watch out! For your own sake and the sake of others around you.

If you want to get better at being aware of what’s going on around you, a recommendation is to watch the clip below about the William Aprill awareness exercise.

Yep, as you can see, basic martial arts principles can also be applied and are useful in many situations of everyday life.

Be aware, stay safe! 


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Running experience in the morning

This beautiful Tuesday I started with a 6k morning run in a relaxed tempo. Usually one doesn’t meet anybody one knows this early in the morning, however,¬† today was different.

On the way out I met a nice bloke I used to train with, and we exchanged a few words. He was on his way to work. On the way back I saw another mate from training, riding his mountain bike in a Kamikaze speed, most likely on his way to work, and fully concentrated trying to avoid tram rails on the street.

Fun experience to see two people of the same training group on one’s morning round, that early.
The day continued in a positive way, at work and with my upholstery group.

Bed time now. Nightnight!

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Gone. Almost. And we did a lot. That despite being tired almost all weekend, at least on my part.

Once again one should emphasize that cleaning a flat does indeed qualify as exercise. At least if you springtime-clean it, as we did. You know, dedusting all the shelves with books and so on. After that, we needed a brisk walk in the halfway sunny evening weather yesterday. Cleaning our “dust-lungs”….

Today we had a lie-in, until our laundry time started. After that it was time to go to the motorcycle garage. We managed to establish that Hugo, the Moto Guzzi v50III most likely might be in for a set of new shock absorbers. A test ride needs to be done to get that confirmed, though.

After garage, another brisk weekend walk, and I can say that I am awake sort of only now. Some good food and a glass of red will probably put me back into sofa and sleeping mode, though.¬†And I don’t mind that.

Tonight’s dish, in case anybody’s interested: Gratin with cod, spinach, lime, chili, tomatoes and cheese. On the side there will be garlic bread. The meal can (and will) be accompanied by a glass of red or a pint of our choice.


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A nice Swedish habit…

…is to never be the first one to take the first or the last piece of cake or chocolate…

A total difference to us “rude” German “breed”, who never have a problem to either start or finish cake or chocolate, or what else there is on offer, regardless whether everybody got a piece or not. A definite advantage for me, since I can almost always be sure to get something of whatever is on offer.¬†P1020536

Recent example from work – two boxes of chocolate. Against all common rules, I was not the one opening the chocolate box (although I brought it). However, I was the one taking the last piece ;-). The whole thing can look like this towards the end:

And mind you, during the time of “plundering” the box one actually has to be quick to get the pieces one wants!


Neatly finished, isn’t it? ūüėÄ

Happy Friday!

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Geek Girl Meetup 2016 – Better TogetHER!

It has been 5 (!) years since I last participated in the big Geek Girl Meetup unconference in Stockholm. No idea why it took me so long to come back, but hey!

This year, I am going to be part of it again, and I will try to blog and tweet directly from the event.

When? 28th Р29th of May
Where? In the Teknikmuseet in Stockholm, which in itself is an awesome location.

Why participate? Meeting likeminded (nerdy!) people and friends , sharing experiences and knowledge, and getting a great boost of energy and inspiration. That should be reasons enough for ANY girl no matter which age to be part of it!

Geek Girl Meetup has grown since it’s early days in 2008/2009, when I first participated in Stockholm. By now there are many similar events locally in Sweden, but also in big cities abroad, like in Copenhagen, London and Berlin.

In Berlin and other places all over the world you also have the Geekettes, a network of women in tech, who regularly meet for exchange of experiences.

What is it all about anyway? Geek Girl Meetup is a huge network of female professionals or to-beprofessionals some day of many different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter whether you are a techie or a business person, a creative spirit, a designer¬†or a law person for that matter. The combination of all the female participants with their knowledge and willingness to share it with each other, makes the event so successful.

It’s a true boost of energy and creativeness being felt during these days. Many new projects and ideas emerged from Geek Girl Meetup’s unconferences.

Let’s bring it on and see what 2016 holds for us! And no matter what, Geek Girls¬†#ftw!

This year’s motto: Better togetHER¬†!

bettertogetHER                 logo

Pictures are taken from 

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With interest, I follow the trend of having cacti. Or things designed cacti. There are cacti everywhere! On tea towels, curtains, salt and peppar sets, t-shirts Рyou name it. 

I find it quite fun since I always have been a big fan of that group of plants. They are sturdy, survive holidays and dry periods without any problems whatsoever, and they bloom beautifully if cared for.

Some of the ones I have on my window board I even call “weapons”. One of the cacti has such thin and sharp stings, that they spear a fly instantly when it tries to settle on the plant.

It is even double fun with the cactus trend, since people who regarded them as super ugly now are really into them. For this period at least ūüėČ .

The advantage is that one can buy right now an awful lot of species that you didn’t see in the shops since years, or not at all. Win!

Well, we’ll see how long this “fly” lasts! ūüėČ



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Summer is here! Almost.

Now it will soon be Swedish summer! Never mind that it was again 3 centigrades plus with rain and sunshine shifting, even that can be considered Swedish summer at times. Summer is approaching, because now, summer seating areas are built on the Swedish market places in every town. The best indication for that the brighter side of the year officially has started!

Example: Link√∂ping. See picture below. And the crew¬†at Twingly still seemed to be working, one always has to check their windows (at least!) when in town ūüėȬ†.


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Today I took one of the routes as a run that I used to walk with my parents (and still do sometimes). Just over 5k, a relaxed and nice morning run in sunshine, with moderate wind. Now it is grey weather with strong winds. Welcome to Northern Germany!


Quite popular in Wilhelmshaven seem to be the small power distribution houses (or what they are called) which are painted in 3D graffitti to look like real small houses. A great idea, and much more fun to look at than their dull grey relatives. This one I found on my route this morning:


Happy Easter Monday!

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Direct recycling

The other day we got a letter from Germany, in an envelope that looks like a topographical map. The thing is, looking at it closer, it really seems to have been a topographical map!

Next step is looking the manufacturer up on the web, and really, the suspicion got confirmed – they use maps and other paper again, directly, and make them into new paper products. A great idea, especially when it comes to envelopes, which will be thrown into the non-recycle-box anyway, because of their adhesive.

Read more on Direktrecycling’s website.

This is what it looks like:


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A new view on things

You know, sometimes you just run the same way, you come from the same angle and you always see the same picture. Nothing new to be discovered, is there?

Well, today I approached one of the places I pass on my running tour from a different direction. And guess what happens? I realised that I have been running through a mini park like a dozen of times, yet I never noticed the old benches surrounding it, making it a perfect quiet little place to take a break in the sunshine.

Another runner joined me just then, surrounding the small park on the very narrow gravel path, which I never noticed before either.

I suppose one should transfer this experience to other parts of one’s life. Approach the same thing from a different direction, and simply see what happens. What new there is to be discovered.


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