Berlin Web Week approaching! #rp12 #next12

This year started off like the old one finished. Fast. And furious one is almost tempted to add.

Hence why I do not hesitate to already share the news with you that I will be visiting the two main conferences of this years Berlin Web Weekre:publica and NEXT. Less than 90 days till then it is, so the countdown is on!

For the first time, both events will happen within one week – a lot of inspiration to take in during such a short time. Thrilling! Mark the date from the 2nd to the 9th of May if you haven’t done so already.

Especially when it is already clear that at least three inspiring speakers from totally different corners of the web world already said “yes” to re:publica. This will add a lot more international flavour to the biggest German digital conference which started off six years ago as a re:union event mainly for German bloggers. What an achievement!

The call for papers closed this week, and I look forward to what the organisers will choose as part of their program and share with us during the next few weeks.

Until then I re:watch their streams on Flickr and YouTube, and try not to miss any news via their blog, Facebook and Twitter.

re:publica will be followed by NEXT – another digital conference not to miss!

Whilst re:publica started off as a blogger-meetup, NEXT was founded from a pure business perspective by Sinner Schrader, one of Germany’s biggest digital agencies, or even agency group, since they cover quite some different business areas.. Read more about their history here.

Although founded from different backgrounds and having a different focus, both conferences have a few things in common. They both came to life in 2006 and both discuss the developments, changes and opportunities the fast moving digital world has to offer. Both conferences give new impulses to their visitors,they get them thinking, be it from a creative, cultural or a business  perspective.

Being part of the social web and digital business world myself, for me both conferences complement each other in a perfect way, and I love the fact that I will be able to visit both of them – again!

For me it’s therefore not so much a question of the one vs the other – I want both!

Like re:publica, the NEXT-preparations are in progress at the full! The call for sessions is over since quite some time, the results can be seen here, the program yet has to be put together. I hope that Elísabeth Grétarsdóttir from EVE Online will be part of it. I loved her part at SIME in Stockholm last November and since Gamification is one of the trends in Marketing her experience would inspire a lot of people at NEXT.

NEXT also looks for the top 100 people who will influence the digital world during the next 12 months. I suggested Henriette Weber since she is one of the people I know who really make a difference in what they do. Henriette will be part of the team of official bloggers at NEXT, just like she was last year, and also like she is on a regular basis at LeWeb. Get to know her and don’t forget to vote for her! Not being a feminist really I do think, though, that the web world needs a few more prominent female voices that actually make a difference.  Or proper social web rock’n roll chicks, as Henriette would put it.

You can watch last year’s sessions at NEXT here – my personal hope is that they get a great host like Pep Rosenfeld for the international track again. Either last year’s host Pep or Ola Ahlvarsson would be my favourites!

Follow NEXT also on their blog, on Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to their programme being announced – the different tracks are already defined.

Just some of the nice people I will hopefully meet again at NEXT 2012 😉 …

#rp11 – More Feedback

During the past days I read a bit through the blogged feedback from others about re:publica. I noticed that there are lots of pro’s and con’s around discussing how the conference has been and how well it fulfilled the expectations of its visitors. Which is quite diverse!

The feedback from @Frau_Elise I personally agree with most, simply since re:publica went very similar for me, lots of chatting and networking and just feeling the joy of being able to meet so many “old and new” faces in one place, and even having the time to catch up with most of them over a coffee or two.

I already saw on the program that few sessions really would be relevant me, so it was clear from the beginning that re:publia would be mostly a networking event for my part. Which suited me perfectly since I knew I mainly want to see a lot of people! Means I didn’t expect much in terms of me learning something totally new from the beginning – one reads the title, knows who is doing the sessions and that usually indicates what you get on which level. But the sessions I did visit proved to be useful as expected! Plus I am still glad that I by chance also attended the session everyone is over the moon about, @wilddueck – that was not on my initial plan but definitely a highlight!

Then, obviously if you came to Berlin with some expectations regarding the sessions and for attending mostly these, plus you are more of a digital native than a digital newbie, then I can definitely understand voices like @ghensel’s .

On the other hand, sessions that were more basic, means like topics that have been discussed over a few years (and will be discussed in a few years), were probably very useful to people who’d finally wanted to get the hang of it, which is to my mind even more important than feeding only the geeks of us who (like me) follow important stories and discussions anyway online. I’d also argue that it is not that easy to get it right for all 3000 people, but I would still say that most things went right at re:publica. I at least had a great time, and many others, too, it seems.

What one could improve in terms of better session and program planning, though, is to try to find out who actually is coming and which expectations there are.

When registering for #rp12 one could probably let the participants put themselves into categories like “digital newbie”, “digital native” and “somewhere in between”. One could also let people choose from selected topics which areas they are most interested in, plus let them add new ones. According to that, the organisers could choose and plan sessions corresponding to the audience that will attend.

And then finally, like 2 – 3 weeks before the actual event when the program is ready, one could ask all attendees to pick their 5 top events per day – the sessions they really want to see. That way one might get an indication of how “hot” a session is and whether it should be taking place rather in a bigger or smaller room. Regardless who the speaker is. My 5 Cent.

But as you would have understood from my previous posts, re:publica was awesome for me just as it was. And I think it is always (with any event and anything in life!) what you make of it.

Monitoring the digital echo of #rp11

re:publica – the conference for blogs, social media and the digital society with about 3000 participants is over.

Over? Not really when you look at Twitter, Facebook and all blog articles posted. It seems now it only has begun!

On Twingly, there are by now almost 80 blog posts writing about re:publica . (English and German language results, in case yours doesn’t appear, please ping it to Twingly!)

Also, on Liveboard you can see the tweets still rolling – moderate speed, but still very decent. And by now we counted almost 10.000 unique users with almost 48.000 tweets!Wednesday and Thursday (13th and 14th) were definitely the strongest days, with most tweets between 8am and 11am, and then in the afternoons from like 12pm to 2.30pm.

When checking out Liveboardplease use CHROME, SAFARI or iPAD! We are currently working on a version compatible with FF4, but that still takes a little while.

The official re:publica stats containing everything in one place, plus a little bit more in-depth analysis was provided by buzzrank. buzzrank is a service of SocialObjects, a German start-up  for social media monitoring, founded in autumn 2009 by Oliver Wagner and Oliver Köster.

Very pretty and informative – these are the stats for the strongest day in terms of tweets and feedback for re:publica on the social web:

More buzzrank-stats for re:publica you can find here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Viva las real time conversations 🙂 !

Are there more Analytics around for re:publica? If so, please share them as a comment here. Thank you!

Update 21st of April: Here you can find the majority of blog posts about re:publica!

Food-Talks, Nerd-Boat, Fashionblogs & finally Icecream – Day 3 at #rp11

Day 3 at re:publica could be described with the most talks over food and beverages – and I must say it was extremely enjoyable!

We started off at 9am with NEXT breakfast at BASE_camp in preparation for NEXT conference in about 4 weeks. When coming back to re:publica, there was a change of schedule and we missed the sessions we were actually interested in. So we were forced to continue with a coffee session at espresso ambulanz around the corner, and when then finally the sun appeared, we simply had to go to Eismanufaktur as well. My dear Swedes in Östergötland, Eismanufaktur is a SEVERE competition for Bosses and Smultronstället

Following that we had a bit of lunch before walking back to re:publica, and soon it was time for entering the nerd-boat for boat-nerds. Background: re:publica organised 2 boat trips on the Spree. The tour was a bit limited since at the same time NATO was meeting in Berlin, but still great in the company of a simply awesome crowd of people!

Returning from the boat I attended the session about fashion blogs from Anna Weiland.

In her thesis she looked at how fashion blogs gained more and more influence in the fashion world and how fashion gets defined. I loved her session because it was well-structured and I finally understood the difference between a streetfashion blog, an informative rather fashion news orientated blog, and a personal fashion blog. I recently came across all 3 types for a blog report about the 20 biggest Norwegian fashion blogs. In future, this and other knowledge about the world of fashion journalism that Anna shared will help me doing an even better job. Me likes :)!

Following Anna’s session, we waited for the grand final to start, the big room was already packed with people when I tried to find a place for myself!

We did not get disappointed – it was an epic final (again!) with a couple of hundred people singing along Bohemian Rhapsody // Queeeeeen!! Think we made quite a unique cover version, wouldn’t you agree? (Never mind my “creative” attempt of filming this… just listen or turn the screen after a few minutes – thank goodness there is the easily turnable  iPad now 😉 )

By the way, I do NOT think that it was a total disaster that the w-lan in some places and at times didn’t work. Isn’t a conference there for walking around with eyes up and finally spotting the people one always wanted to meet in real life? Of course one never meets everyone one wanted to, but I met and saw a lot more people when walking around head up and eyes open rather than proceeding in the “head down only ipod exists”-position. This was an opportunity to add some real experience to the digital one!

A great day’s final for me was sitting with nice people at Salumeria Culinario – thanks for organising this Djure!

After that I just fell into bed, with lots of nice memories in my head and heart.

Thank you all for 3 great days, and see you next year maybe!

More pics you find on Facebook, btw – and @republica started collecting more blog posts here! Web-Writing-Magazin has more collected feedback, and so has elcario!

Have Google-translate ready, in case German is not your language.

By the way, if you would like to get a flavour of the Swedish social web scene, then keep an eye on Swedish Social Web Camp. It will be taking place in August, and you can contact Tomas and Kristin for details.

If you like what you see here (even if you might not understand it) then you should definitely plan this one in for your summer holidays!

Language isn’t anything to worry about, I’d say, English gets you far. But please note – complaints about non-working w-lan are not really on the menue. And as far as I know you might not have excessively much time for fiddling with your toys anyway :).

So come and join us if you dare!

Newshype, Stickers & Wilddueck – second day #rp11

Last week I read about Newshype, a new German aggregator for news and hot topics discussed in the blogosphere. These guys would like to follow Frank Westphal’s steps with Rivva, another great aggregation project of a similar kind. So I am very curious about checking out the service and getting an own picture of it, especially since there are (as usual) already some skeptical voices around. On the other hand the question of “Rivva is dead, what now” got definitely answered. And without even having looked at Newshype yet, I think it takes great courage and enthusiasm to start another service like Rivva, and we already know there is a need for such a service.

I was hoping to get an invite from Newshype at re:publica after having read on Twitter that they will be giving out some there – and I got lucky after having been at the conference for less than half an hour. There were too nice guys passing by while I was still rummaging in my bag for stuff and getting settled, and they slipped this card into my hand. I said thanks without even looking at it, and when I did it was like “oh! Cool!” And fun really with them using German bloggers as lead figures on their invite-cards, among them Sascha Lobo (to the right) and if I am not wrong Johnny Häussler, one of the re:publica-founders, to the very far left. Which I had the honour to shake hands with today for the first time. I still remember that his blog Spreeblick was one of the first German blogs I ever looked at, and I was impressed by his style of writing.  Since I was new to Twitter at that time, too, I couldn’t resist letting him know my enthusiasm by tweeting something like “Really nice blog you have” and a thanks with smiley face came back. Without even knowing really who he was. That’s me, I just start chatting… Well, I still like reading Spreeblick, even if I don’t look at it regularly.  It is a really good and nicely presented mixture of longer reflective stories and short posts with stuff he just came across and wants to share. Inspiring, and therefore to me one of the best German speaking personal blogs around. That much for a little discourse into the past with the title “@anmara discovers the big wide world of blogs” ;).

Anyway, I didn’t get the time to test Newshype yet, but I will do during the weekend, and a review will follow in this blog. Shame only I didn’t find these two lads again, would have been a pleasure to talk to them about their project. But there is still tomorrow, so if you two read this and would be interested in a chat, don’t hesitate and grab me when you see me!

Then later this afternoon I finally took a closer look at the board with information material at the entrance of Friedrichsstadtpalast – and what did I spot? A few cool additions to my sticker collection! And I also allowed myself to add some from Twingly for YOUR collection. These are removable stickers, in case you wondered why they don’t stick to your t-shirts. They will hold on to your laptop, phone, mug, fridge, mousepad, screen etc. – and you will be able to (re)move them.

So these are the additions to my collection:

(To my colleague @forsgren: I secured one with “We Zombies” especially for you…)

Otherwise I had some really enjoyable talks and meetings, and I even managed to look at some sessions. I missed the one about flattr , though, and therefore hope that it will be available online later, especially since I heard that Peter Sunde (alias @brokep) appeared bare foot on scene. Just hope this wasn’t too much of fulfilling the stereotype of Swedes in the line of “they are dancing naked with the polar bears on the streets” 😉 . So I hope to catch this session later! At the same time as he was on scene, I talked Swedish with a German fellow over a cup of coffee. Berlin really offers nice and unique experiences!

The session I enjoyed most was the one of Gunter Dueck about “How to apply the internet as the operating system for society”. Learn more about him on his own page  , follow him on Twitter under @wilddueck and try to see him live some time. I rarely saw a good speaker like him, who manages to draw people into his speech (no chance to sleep!), makes them laugh but then again holds a mirror in front of them making them see themselves, which stops them laughing, gets them thinking – and laughing again. About themselves, yet realising the truth they just have been presented with is undeniable.

Right. Over for today’s #rp11 rants. Thanks for reading, in case you made it all the way to this last line. Good night!

Rain, no icecream, but still a very decent first day at #rp11

It rained when I arrived this morning in Berlin, and it was still dropping when walking back to the hotel tonight. Unusual. I am used to have at least dry weather when spending some time here…

Anyway, after checking in at the hotel and also having a proper breakfast there, I made my way to re:publica at Friedrichsstadtpalast in the town center.

Forgot to mention that I was met by immediate international flavour when arriving in Berlin. On my way to town I had got company from a nice Taiwanese student who started traveling Europe in Stockholm, and after having arrived at my hotel, I shared the breakfast area with three ladies from France. I like!

The first one I met at the conference was @pottblog, one of the most popular German bloggers – can the day start any better? @tapio from @oseon was the next one I stumbled upon. He promoted his new book about how to use Social Media as vital part of a successful PR-strategy. A book with best-practice and how-to examples, and only as much theory as necessary. Nice addition to the available literature I’d say, and definitely worth checking out for the interested German speaking ones among us.

And so it continued, @martinweigert @peate @hetty @katti @klauseck and @thomasE @HerrSchmitz only being a few of them. At Kalkscheune, the other place of re:publica, I ran into @Vasco from @mokonomedia and @blog_de and we had lunch together with another nice guy from His  name didn’t stick to my teflon brain (for names that is, I remember faces – so please comment if you read this!). Topic among others was of course blogs, what else.

Finally, in the afternoon I also met @50hz, @prcdv @codeispoetry @elcario and @meerblickzimmer. It really is like @hirnrinde and many others said before – the re:publica a big meeting with everyone within the German social media sphere (“Klassentreffen”), means with everyone interested in it or working with it.

Apart from catching up with people and networking, I attended two really good sessions. One of them was about “Global Voices”. Remember? That one was on my list for the first day. It was inspiring to listen to Solana Larsen (@solanasaurus), their managing editor. Let me explain why.

For all of you who didn’t know what Global Voices is, it is a community that picks up topics and problems from all parts of the world. The editors and translators at Global Voices listen especially to bloggers and tweets from countries where free internet and publishing and sharing opinions in general is not at all as self-understood as it is in our Western countries. Simply since you can get in trouble by doing so, best case not ending up loosing your life… Global Voices gives subjects a room that main media only picks up long after i.e. a proper crisis has emerged, and then often only with one-sided reports. As an example Solana explained that in Iran there were not only the bloggers and voices that wanted to get rid of their government, but also a lot of people who wanted to keep it. Yet the only messages reaching us were the ones voting against the current government… Then GV monitored the situation in Egypt and Ivory Coast long before the recent dramatic events, just no main media picked it up… I wonder why – for journalists truly interested in world politics this must be a great additional news source, mustn’t it?

A valid question from someone was, who of these bloggers one could trust? Cos there are surely some set up by i.e. dictatorships that spread “wrong” news? Global Voices listens, said Solana, and only experience in monitoring a certain country helps them finding out who is a trustworthy source and who isn’t.

If you like me want to get started with checking out Global Voices, then Solana recommends to start with one country, maybe the one you want to go on holiday to. So, Swedes, you should monitor Thailand then maybe 😉 . And I pick Ukraine, because I am interested in this country since I started following the British ambassador Leigh Turner‘s blog last year.

The second session I went to was with @TimPritlove from Chaosradio about Podcasts and Radio as Tools for Public Relations. Thank you @Meerblickzimmer for taking me with you! And I tell you lot why. I am the occasional Podcast listener, and I never really got what this is all about – apart from that it is some interesting stuff you can listen to whenever you want basically. But Tim’s session got me a bit more curious about the whole thing. I personally like i.e. the idea that this is not a field where you have set formats. In contrary, new innovative formats arise from it, and the tendency is that podcasts inspire what we know as traditional radio, be it state radio or commercial stations. Also there is a huge variety of them. Okay, I was aware of that, but not about the many topics and areas one potentially could make podcasts about – as long as there is a target group who wants to listen to it. And – most importantly, that one is allowed (and wanted!) to have an opinion in most of them – unlike mainstream radio with the hyper political correctness we are exposed to, unless they send comedy satire that is… Anyway. Interesting and greatly made session by someone who knows his shit.

You read enough now, here are some impressions from the conference – not many, though. I swapped between iPhone and HTC camera, and these are the best results (of the few I have) that I can share.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A great day finished with a long due German-Norwegian-Swedish catch-up with @meerblickzimmer at a nice Indian restaurant on Oranienburger Straße. And this blog update.

Can a rainy day end better? Don’t think so.

Keeping track of re:publica-tweets #rp11

As you might have read in my last post I already thought a bit about which sessions to visit and who I would like to meet at re:publica.

Like always during the last days before re:publica starts, my Twitter timeline is crowded with #rp11-tweets – there are a lot of tips flying around as well as people fixing times for a coffee-chat.

My company last year developed a visual tool for conferences called “Liveboard” where one can see the latest tweet about a certain hash-tag, other hash-tags used in conjunction with that one, the top users by number of mentions and updates. Apart from that one can also see during which time of the day there was “tweet-high-time”,  and on which days most tweets were sent.

Today we set up a Liveboard for all tweets that contain #rp11, which is the official hash-tag for everything happening around re:publica.

Open this link in Safari, Chrome or on your iPad: Right now I have it open in Chrome on a second screen and watch the numbers just rolling in. Will be really cool to see what this looks like during and after the conference!

Please note that Liveboard is HTML5 based and works in Safari, Chrome or on your iPad!

re:publica approaching in vast steps!

The re:publica is approaching vastly, and finally I found some time to check out their schedule. Thought it might a good idea to kind of plan at least my personal “must-sees”.
So this is my list with the sessions where you will be most likely to meet me:

Day 1

Opening at 10.00 – I will try not to miss that, although I will be arriving only that morning…

Personally, I don’t feel that day 1 has that much to offer for me, but I think I will check out these sessions:

12.00 Wenn Linke Linke verlinken with @codeispoetry – Tom Pfeiffer is a great story teller, and although I am almost sure I won’t learn anything new there, I know it will be enjoyable to listen to what he has to say about what other people can learn about you on the web without you actively doing anything there…

16:00 Global Voices – Are you listening? I don’t know much about this blogger community and want to learn more simply!

18:00 Utopia London  I was a Londoner from 2003 to 2008, and in my heart I still am. So I follow everything happening there still with a great interest, and I look forward to look at this fascinating city with the eyes of Tom Cordell.

The sessions that I really want to see on Day 2 are:

10.00 The Internet of Elsewhere One hears a little bit about how internet is used in other countries, now, this is a chance to learn even more about which role it plays in other cultures and countries like i.e. South Korea.

12.00 Openleaks with Daniel Domscheit-Berg – not sure what he will manage to tell us about Openleaks during 30 minutes, but hey, seems to be worth checking it out, and maybe there will be signed copies of his book which I still have to and want to read? Am curious if this will result in much more than celebrity spotting.

12.30 Flattr 1 year  with Peter Sunde  – Another successful Swedish export, flattr launched on re:publica last year when I wasn’t there, but I saw it during the year being used on many blogs and even newspapers like taz. Personally I consider flattr a genious alternative to any kind of paywalls – if your content is good, people will pay for it. Voluntarily. Will be great to learn how flattr did so far!

15:00 Diaspora – building a better way to share Don’t know much about this project, but I would like to learn more about the principles of it. Not at last because we at Twingly also look at smart ways to share information for our current new project.

20:00 Twitterlesung ? Would be about time for me to attend one, but then again, maybe I spend the evening otherwise. We’ll see.

Day 3 – like on day 1 I don’t find a lot that interests me, so I will probably be visiting a few business partners in Berlin and just being around on the conference, catching up with people.

Anyway, these sessions I am interested in:

16:00 10 years of blogging in Germany I don’t expect anything new here since I follow the development, being quite a newbie in terms of blogger myself. Also, it seems in Germany bloggers have total different challenges to deal with than in other countries. I only say “Abmahnung”.

17:00 Fashion blogs and their role in fashion journalism internationally  This will be fun to listen to since fashion bloggers are big in Sweden, but they are also getting increasingly important in Germany it seems. So I expect learn a bit about the challenges for fashion bloggers in different countries, what influence they actually have and how they get treated by fashion journalists, but maybe also by shops and brands.

Right! Now you have the corner stones of my program at re:publica!

Otherwise I can see myself pottering around, networking and chatting all day, so comfy shoes will definitely find their way into my luggage.

Looking forward to seeing you around – feel free to ping me on Twitter if you want to catch up!

Now I just have to print this post and put it into my pile to take with me next week. Kidding 😀

Webciety, re:publica, NEXT, Geek Girl Meetup – Conference Springtime is on!

Seems this year I catch up with everything conferencewise what I missed in 2010 (reasons being family member passing away, ash cloud etc.).

Anyway, this year you can meet me “live and in colour” (German proverb translated) at these events:

Webciety on CeBIT (01st to 5th of March 2011)

This one is already a gonner, but in case you want to check it out, I had the pleasure to take part in a discussion panel about Social Media Monitoring. Other members on the panel were Yasan Budak from Vico Research, Guilhem Fouetillou from Linkfluence, and last but not least Michelle Chmielewski from Synthesio.

If you are in the need of some afternoon or Friday entertainment and have 42 minutes to spare, here is the video of our session, includes us juggling with English and German.

Next on the list is the re:publica in Berlin! (13th to 15th of April 2011)

re:publica is the conference about bloggers, social media and digital society in Germany. The event goes into its 5th round and it could double the number of visitors every year. When tickets went on sale in  November 2010, the blogger tickets were sold out within one or two days… Speaking of a popular event to attend!!

This year Jakob Augstein, publisher of the weekly paper will be part of it again, and I also look forward to listening to the journalist Richard Gutjahr who reported live from Egypt this year when the revolution started. There are lots of other great speakers, check out the list!

In May I will travel to Berlin a second time and attend the NEXT Conference (17th + 18th of May 2011). Data Love is this year’s theme, and already now it is worth following their blog and all the buzz around it. Participants are also welcome to write on the blog, especially the official NEXT11-bloggers! I should also think about something smart to contribute with since I am part of the group of official bloggers, as a matter of fact my role will be more a bit of a host for the international guests rather than a blogger… But having the honour of being there alongside names like Joakim Jardenberg, Henriette Weber and Paula Marttila (all renown Scandinavian bloggers), Oliver Gassner, Olaf Kolbrück, Martina Pickkardt, Tapio Liller, Nikos Anagnostou and many others, that still puts quite a bit of pressure on 😉 …

In case you want to go but don’t have a ticket yet, there is still a chance to get one with a 20% discount !

Last but not least and probably dearest to me, there is the Geek Girl Meetup in Stockholm! (21st and 22nd of May 2011). I managed to secure a ticket today, and I also convinced Charlotta to join in. She studies interaction design in Stockholm, and right now she joins our team @Twingly as an intern. The Geek Girl Meetup’s themes Gaming and Creative Technology might be giving not only her lots of new ideas and inspiration. Go, girls, go!

Looking forward to meeting at least some of you on these events! 🙂 My aim is also to share some interesting happenings from these events and trips here on Wha’

re:publica 2010 in Berlin – Meet the Bloggers!

Yesterday the first tickets went on sales for the re:publica – and today almost 300 tickets are already sold! Which means people long for the annual blogger feast next springtime in Berlin from the 14th to he 16th of April in the Friedrichsstadtpalast.

It will be the 4th time only that it takes place, yet the number of visitors has risen exponentially every year and the ticket sales of next year’s event show that this trend seems to continue.

Main organisers of the event are (again) Markus Beckedahl @netzpolitik and Johnny Häussler @spreeblick. Markus’  Blog about politics, current affairs and social media/ internet belongs  to the best known ones  in the German speaking blogosphere, and also Johnny’s blog Spreeblick is one of the most linked and read in the German blogosphere.

You might have seen or met Johnny on the #140conf in London when trying to explain the flashmob-phenomenon during German elections – see here 😉 .

Last year was the first time I attended the re:publica and despite some simply conference-typical things like WLAN-downtime it was an absolute great and greatly organised event. Anyone who’d like to take a glimpse should make his or her way to Berlin – should you get bored with too much German language on the conference then Berlin is worth a visit as well.

There were quite a lot of international visitors and speakers last year,
though, and it might be more in 2010 since the re:publica will also host The Bobs – the International Blog Awards run by Deutsche Welle.

Looking forward to see the program and list of speakers grow over the next few months now.

Book your ticket and join in – the re:publica and Berlin are definitely worth a trip!

(BTW – one can follow the re:publica on Twitter at @republica or simply check the hashtag #rp10)


Update: Early-Bird-Blogger-Tickets gone within 24hours – didn’t I tell you 😉

re:publica, rickrolling und poken

Meine erste re:publica – das war sie also. In den ersten beiden Tagen habe ich wie erwartet viele nette Leute wieder getroffen, einige getroffen die ich noch nicht persönlich kannte sondern nur vom Twittern oder Bloggen. Dies war für mich der Hauptzweck der Konferenz, und der wurde damit voll erfüllt. Dank Jens bin ich nun auch mit einem Poken ausgerüstet, er und Nicole erklärten netterweise die Basics. Ich finde es klasse und freue mich schon auf die nächste Konferenz – man braucht dann also bald keine Papier-Visitenkarten mehr 🙂

Wieder bei Twingly angekommen, habe ich das Ding gleich mal meinen Kollegen vorgestellt und vorgeschlagen, einen 12er-Pack zu ordern. In Schweden sind die Dinger nämlich noch nicht angekommen, aber das ist wohl nur eine Frage der Zeit. Die Reaktionen reichten von “Boah, sind die häßlich”, “Haben die sich den Namen gut überlegt?” und  “Coooool!” zu “Kann ich den mal auseinanderschrauben? Ich baue ihn dann auch wieder zusammen.” Da war es dann doch an der Zeit mein neues Gadget in den Tiefen meiner Handtasche in Sicherheit zu bringen.

Der erste Konferenztag war etwas langsam, was mir einerseits entgegen kam, da ich mit diesem unchristlich frühen Flug in Berlin ankam und um 3.30 MEZ aufstehen durfte. Andererseits hätte ich mir ein paar kontroversere Diskussionen gewünscht, beispielsweise bei “Blogs in Deutschland” und “Großstadtnomaden”. Das war bestimmt informativ für alle, die nicht so im Thema drin stecken, aber nicht so sehr für mich. Dennoch insgesamt war alles sehr gut gemacht und der Friedrichsstadtpalast gab für den ersten Tag eine sehr gute Bühne, wenn auch nicht immer mit WLAN – was aber irgendwie normal ist. Habe noch keine Konferenz erlebt, bei der sich einige hundert Leute gleichzeitig problemlos in dasselbe Netz einloggen konnten.

Hier ein Bild von der Bühne mit John Kelly von Morningside Analytics. Dies war nach der Keynote der erste Beitrag, dem ich zuhörte.


Er stellte mit “Mapping the global blogosphere” eine sehr interessante Analyse hinsichtlich der Zusammensetzung und Verknüpfung verschiedener Blogsphären vor. Darunter war die US-amerikanische, die iranische, die russische und auch die deutsche zu finden. Es wurde gezeigt, mit welchen Themen sich Blogger in den einzelnen Kreisen auseinandersetzen und auch wie sie sich untereinander vernetzen. Kellys Aussage zur deutschsprachigen Blogsphäre war, dass wir uns in einem Stadium befinden, in welchem sich auch die US-amerikanische befand, bevor sie sich zu der riesigen, diversen Blogwelt von heute entwickelte. In Deutschland dominieren dabei momentan eher noch technisch und politisch orientierte Blogs, wie man auch in Deutsche Blogcharts oder Twingly Top 100 sehen kann. Laut Kelly wird sich dies jedoch schnell weiterentwickeln, so dass in Deutschland heute noch kleinere Bereiche wie beispielsweise Crafts und Kunst oder andere persönliche Interessen zunehmend vertreten sein werden. Diese sind beispielsweise in Frankreich stark , wenn man Twingly Top 100 French glauben darf. Kellys Analyse basierte ausschließlich auf Daten, ohne weiteres Hintergrundwissen mit einzubeziehen. Dies war für einige Zuhörer ein Kritikpunkt. Ich finde dennoch, dass dies ein sehr interessanter Ansatz ist und werde versuchen, John Kelly noch einmal zu kontaktieren, beispielsweise um herauszufinden, welche Datenquellen dem Ganzen zu Grunde liegen. Vielleicht rückt er ja sogar seine Präsentation heraus 😉

Am Nachmittag des 1. Tages ging es mit @50hz, @pottblog und @Katti Eis essen – Tipp von Pottblogger Jens. Wunderbar, erstes Eis in diesem Jahr, und das bei Sonne und ganz ohne Jacke. Zurück in Schweden sah das noch etwas anders aus. Kein Eis (Speiseeis, sonst schon) und wesentlich kälter.

Das Programm des  1. Tages schloss mit “re:search – Deutschland sucht”, einer Live-Gameshow, unter anderem präsentiert von Organisator @spreeblick . Hier wurde Rickrolling vom Feinsten im Karaokestil geboten, und das Nominieren der Kandidaten per Zuruf, ganz ohne Internet oder SMS zeigte, dass es auch immer noch ohne die modernen Hilfsmittel geht – auch wenn das nun wieder so nicht geplant war. Aber witzig wars :-).

Während einige sich dann noch zur Party mit Fettes Brot aufmachten, habe ich dann mal “Tschüß” gesagt, auf dem Weg ins Hotel noch etwas gegessen, noch etwas geguckt wie Deutschland mal wieder mit mehr Glück als Können gegen Wales gewann – und bin dann ins Bett geplumpst.

Tag 2 begann mit ausgiebigem Frühstück im Hotel und danach dem erstem re:publica Vortrag von Peter Schaar, dem Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragten. Spannender Vortrag, und der kann richtig reden, der Mann!
Da ich noch einen anderen Termin in Berlin hatte, war mein nächster Vortrag am Nachmittag – “Blogging in Africa – between powercut and political protest”. Kurz, knackig und informativ in englischer Sprache, präsentiert von Andrea Goetzke und Geraldine de Bastion. Hier ging es darum, dass in Afrika Mobilephones eine wesentlich größere Rolle spielen als Computer. Mobile Blogging, Microblogging und Facebook spielen eine große Rolle, um sich zu organisieren. Sei es um die Wahrheit über die Wahlen in Kenia zu verbreiten (Blogger als Kontra zu traditionellen, stattlich gesteuerten Medien) oder Facebook Groups in Ägypten, um gegen diverse Dinge zu protestieren. Blogger sind keineswegs machtlos. Die Menschen nutzen die neuen Wege gezielt um auf Mißstände aufmerksam zu machen und diese somit zu ändern. Gesetze gegen solche Bewegungen gibt es zwar, aber sie wurden bislang nicht angewandt, da keiner genau weiß, wie man dies angehen sollte. Es gibt also wider Erwarten große Freiheit für Blogger dort – und somit die Möglichkeit Einfluss zu nehmen. (Nachtrag 6. April: Mehr dazu auf Medienlese im Interview mit Geraldine de Bastion.)

Am Nachmittag zogen wir komplett in die Kalkscheune um. Das bedeutete, dass der Friedrichstadtpalast geschlossen wurde. Komplett, mit Garderobe, für die Abendveranstaltung. Da ich den größten Teil des Tages nicht dort war, wurde mein Köfferchen mit eingeschlossen. Nur dem Team der re:publica ist es zu verdanken, dass ich zusammen mit ein paar anderen mein Gepäck über den Bühneneingang wiederbekam. Puhh. Schwein gehabt, und nochmals großen Dank für den Einsatz!

Ansonsten hat es mich sehr gefreut, endlich einmal @myxococcus persönlich kennenzulernen, und nicht nur über Twingly sondern auch über seine Motorradtour in Italien zu schnacken. @sachark habe ich nach der OMD auch endlich einmal wiedergesehen, ebenso wie @oliverg und @tknuewer und viele andere. Wunderbar, einfach mal wieder mitten drin zu sein und nicht “irgendwo da oben im hohen Norden”.

Am Abend ging es dann doch wieder zurück nach Schweden – nach 2 wunderbaren, sonnigen Tagen in Berlin. Freue mich schon aufs nächste Mal – auf Berlin und auf die re:publica10.

re:publica 2009 in Berlin

Ticket ist  gebucht, Hotel reserviert und auch für einen Flug habe ich mich entscheiden. Ryan Air mal wieder von Skavsta direkt nach Schönefeld, und das nicht weil es günstig ist (was es eben manchmal nicht mehr ist) sondern weil es meistens die beste Flugverbindung für mich darstellt.

Momentan warte ich gespannt auf das Programm, wenn dieses so gut ausfällt wie das der pre:publica auf der CeBIT, dann wird es echt interessant! Als re:publica Newbie freue ich mich auf nette Gespräche mit alten und neuen Gesichtern – und vielleicht sogar ein bißchen Berlin, wenn die Zeit dafür noch reicht.

Als alter Wessie von der Nordseeküste und Leipzig-liebender Mensch aus vier Jahren Studienzeit (Berliner, bitte nicht hauen jetzt!) trug es mich erst vorigen Monat im Rahmen einer Geschäftsreise nach Berlin. Am Ende meines eintägigen Ausflugs in die ehemals geteilte Stadt bedauerte ich es sehr, dass ich nicht schon einmal früher einmal eine Anstrengung unternommen hatte, mir alles anzusehen – und nicht erst knapp 20 Jahre nach der Wiedervereinigung. Für mich ist Berlin eine der wohl geschichtsträchtigsten Städte, die ich jemals besucht habe – und auch eine der vielseitigsten. Es wird in 2009 wohl noch einmal ein langes Wochenende nur zum Vergnügen in dieser großartigen Stadt geben, so viel ist sicher.

Am 1. und 2. April werde ich dort sein – man sieht sich 🙂