What are you syncing about?

@caschy’s Tweet “Renamed my iPod as ‘the titantic’ so when I plug it in it’s says’ the titantic is syncing.” and @matdahl’s comment on that “What are you syncing about?” inspired me to dig out this old video:

Fond of Languages

Whenever I see this sign I wonder what English speaking people might make of it. Especially considering the fact that almost everything could be given a double meaning in the UK … ūüėČ

“Farthinder” is the Swedish word for “speed hump”… In case you wondered.

There is also this joke to tell. A Swedish guy visits his friend in the US and is really impressed by his car. “It must be nice to have a fart controller in the car” are his appreciative words.

“Fart” meaning speed of course.

And that’s as good as it gets.