After an outburst of true winter with snow in the morning today, the rest of the day looked like this. Sunny and blue Sky. April is definitely here, no joke.

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Welcome & have a nice weekend!

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City elk

On the way back home today, we met this cute little elk lady at the airport in Bremen. The loved one’s comment (who also discovered her, by the way): “See what becomes of these when they live too close to civilisation?!”

Well, as you can guess, she got a new home back in Sweden. Hope she likes it, despite being a German elk, from Rudolf Schaffer Collection.


She definitely likes travelling, and flowers. She said that these here are especially tasty…


Oh, her name is Helga, by the way.

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Springtime soon?

OK, one cannot complain really. Spring is coming. Today we have the first noticeable plus-degrees here. The snow is melting, but no flowers in sight yet. Apart from the ones you can buy.

But – there are certain videos one can indulge in while awaiting the new motorcycle season. Like this one that two friends of mine put together.

These are the days we are now very close to 🙂 . I hope.

Easter Eggs

Just wanted to share this

with everyone and wish you all some nice and enjoyable Easter holidays!
“Påskris” (see picture below) you find everywhere here in Sweden. It is twiggs decorated with feathers and I like it a lot because it is so colourful.
We are still waiting for the first flowers to emerge the surface. This will actually be my first Easter without any typical Easter flowers like daffodils or even tulips. Instead we now merely have crocusses peaking out of the earth and enjoying the first warmer days of the year.

But anyhow, it is very beautiful and one can follow day by day the nature’s waking up process.

(Photo by SVT.se)

Happy Easter Everyone! 🙂