Gone. Almost. And we did a lot. That despite being tired almost all weekend, at least on my part.

Once again one should emphasize that cleaning a flat does indeed qualify as exercise. At least if you springtime-clean it, as we did. You know, dedusting all the shelves with books and so on. After that, we needed a brisk walk in the halfway sunny evening weather yesterday. Cleaning our “dust-lungs”….

Today we had a lie-in, until our laundry time started. After that it was time to go to the motorcycle garage. We managed to establish that Hugo, the Moto Guzzi v50III most likely might be in for a set of new shock absorbers. A test ride needs to be done to get that confirmed, though.

After garage, another brisk weekend walk, and I can say that I am awake sort of only now. Some good food and a glass of red will probably put me back into sofa and sleeping mode, though. And I don’t mind that.

Tonight’s dish, in case anybody’s interested: Gratin with cod, spinach, lime, chili, tomatoes and cheese. On the side there will be garlic bread. The meal can (and will) be accompanied by a glass of red or a pint of our choice.


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Footie, Students and FRIDAY!

What a day!!

The Football World Championship in South Africa starts in less than an hour, Linköping is taken over by students who took their A-levels this year (see video evidence below), and it is Friday!

Only – it is pissing down with rain. But one cannot have everything, right?

So let the sun in our hearts shine and enjoy a massive weekend 🙂

Beware – Students on the loose 🙂

Google put up  as usual a great doodle. Oh, do I look forward to tonight’s match with France against Uruguay!

A great footie-calendar you find here, and if that is not enough and you happen to be or understand German and you are on Twitter, then don’t miss out on Twittkickers!!

Happy Weekend!


And don’t get too depressed by this picture! Spring will be here soon. Until then it will be a few more weekends in bed, with tea, book, TV and hopefully with the loved one to share this with. Ladies & Gents, whatever you are up to, make yourselves comfy, relax and have s great time. “I’ll be back,” said the sun. And I do not mean the paper but this big golden ball that used to pop up on the sky during daytime once upon a time.