Bye Bye Friendfeed & Co.

I realised that I am on an awful lot of platforms, to the extend that I do not really cope with keeping track of every service I am registered with.

Already since a while back I was contemplating to get delete some of my accounts that I absolutely do not use.. Which I started with yesterday.

You won’t find me anymore on…

…Gowalla – I am a heavy Foursquare user. Cannot even explain why, but I really like their interface and service, and they will be ‘my’ only location based service. I will also leave Friendticker, since I simply don’t use them. Although they got much better on the international level by now and continue to make a huge effort there. And please – stop sending me invites to Forecast. Why would I want to share where I will be in the future if I don’t even know myself where I will be then?

…Friendfeed – Facebook replaced Friendfeed for me. People connect their Twitter accounts and blogs to Facebook anyway, or they have fan pages and groups I am interested in. So most of the information I have now on Facebook, where I can comment and discuss not only with the person who posted it, but also with other followers and friends.

…Netvibes – Although it is a great place to keep all accounts together, I haven’t been using it since like over 2 years.

…MyGreatWorld – a photo community I contributed to a bit about 2 years ago. Not sure that this one still is alive, since there is not much happening at all.

… – I love open source, but what’s the point of being a heavy Twitter-user and publishing ones tweets to more or less the same people again via Shame it didn’t take off further in early 2009, then the game was still open. Now it seems the winner is Twitter, well deserved as well, if you ask me.

I even contemplate leaving Posterous since I hardly post stuff in German anymore.¬† I might do like I did before and throw in a few German posts again here on Wha’ever, especially since I started writing reviews on books in German on Literaturwelt now.

Interesting how the different services develop over the years, to see which ones stay, die or enter the scene.

Facebook I joined as late as in February 2010, on Twitter I am since August 2008. Foursquare I cannot really recall right now, but it will have been early 2010 as well. I joined before I even had a smart phone to check in with ūüôā but I did not hesitate to already then foursquare-map my favourite places in Norrk√∂ping.

These are my 3 core favourites at least. Businesswise you find me on Xing as well as on LinkedIn, and another new (fun) kid on the block I get excited about is EyeEm.

That much for today’s Social Media rants!

Twitter – faster than an Earthquake!

Love this video.

Discovered thanks to Doris Schuppe who recommended to read this (German) article on Zeit Online.

It is written by André Vatter and he describes why Twitter is the only tool with best transparency, especially in comparison to Facebook and Google+. There are some very good points in there!

Read the (quite good!) Google Translate Version here.

Movie-time: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or MySpace?

Clearly, with The Social Network to come to cinemas in autumn, a new trend has started – movie trailers about other social networks. Even though they are fake, they are fun to watch – and my bet is that if The Social Network becomes a success, we will see a lot more of these. So, what’s your favourite?

Here are the links to the trailers:
– The Social Network

– YouTube
fun fake movie trailer inspired by the one above, so far at least, with the respective article on TechCrunch. Let’s face it, YouTube is a big movie in itself, innit ūüėČ – a big advantage to have all material ready, you just need an editor with wizzard-like skills, don’t you?

– Twitter the latest addition to the parodies:

What’s your favourite? Personally I love the Twitter one. However, just re-discovered the very old MySpace-movie which is kind of classic and always fun to watch.

The Twitter Book

Some useful stuff – looks like it at least. I will definitely take a peek, that’s for sure. Thanks to Thomas Pfeiffer who posted a very helpful review for the German edition of the book – which is how I found out TwitterBookabout it. And mind you, he is mentioned in there, which is well deserved since he is one of Germany’s real social media and microblogging experts. Apart from the Xing-group I pointed to a bit earlier, he also runs a microblogging wiki – in German and also very helpful, especially for beginners that are not sure about what all the expressions and abbreviations mean and which of the thousands of microblogging tools to choose.
Anyway, have fun browsing – and tweeeeeet ūüôā
View more documents from oreillymedia.

Offline Comfort for Onliners

Like everyone in the Twitter-Community I suffered a bit from the outage yesterday. But well, there are other things to do, especially now in that great summer weather and especially when this happens close to home- time.

Anyway, this morning I found out via a Skype chat from last night between my colleagues, that there is special comfort available for these cases when Twitter, Facebook etc. go offline for whichever reason.

One can get pillows !!


This is great. So if one has one of these, one could place it right next to the keyboard, have a nap during the downtime and then continue browsing etc. once everything is up and running again. Or simply take it to bed and have some sweet “treams”.

Well, the colleagues didn’t test it (yet) and so didn’t I (yet) – but who knows, it is good to know where to get comfort from when one needs it, especially when there is nobody left to turn to in the real world as a result of too much time spent in front of the computer. Okay, that was a sarcastic comment.

Admittedly, the pillow-idea is great and they look quite cute…. and my birthday is coming up, too……¬† .

Verlage und Social Media – wer twittert dort eigentlich?

Wie sieht es eigentlich mit Verlagen und Social Media aus? Gehen die Aktionen mittlerweile etwas √ľber das obligatorische Forum oder die hauseigene Community hinaus?

Anscheinend ja – und das ist doch mal ein richtig positives Zeichen! Leander Wattig hat sich einmal die M√ľhe gemacht und zwei Dinge zusammengestellt.

1.) Wer von der Verlagen macht wie Gebrauch von den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten, die Social Media im weitesten Sinne bietet?

2.) Wer von den Buch!-Verlagen ist Top bei deutschen Bloggern? Die Ergebnisse sind basiert auf Technorati. Bei uns w√ľrde es sich wahrscheinlich wieder etwas anders aussehen, einfach bedingt durch die Technik in der Indexierung, die wir wohl nie bis ins einzelne Detail ergr√ľnden werden, es sei denn einer der Techniker dort wechselt zu uns ;)) . – Dies aber lediglich als Randbemerkung!

Was ich eigentlich sagen will, ist dass beide Listen einen klasse √úberblick geben und beispielsweise auch mir helfen, potentielle Kunden zu identifizieren, f√ľr die unsere Services von Interesse sein k√∂nnten.

Im Rahmen der OMD 2008 hatten wir bereits eine Liste der Top 10 Zeitungs-und Zeitschriftenverlage zusammengestellt, die am meisten von Bloggern verlinkt werden.

Pers√∂nlich finde ich klasse, dass sogar TITANIC einen Twitter-Account hat. Hab ich gleich mal hinzugef√ľgt :-). Muss doch mal schauen ob die immer noch so gut sind wie zu meinen Studienzeiten in Leipzig!

Go Bama!

A great day today – even for me who usually follows politics and economy with great interest but who is not necessarily very political.

Barack Obama won Рand that with a significant distance to John McCain. The first time ever I saw him with an almost relaxed smile, that must be the relief of the entire election marathon having come to an end now. Great that he made it, and that he already seems to give America its face back in the international scene is maybe best shown in the fact that in Gaza one can buy mugs with his image on and that Kenya declared the 5th of November to a National Day. Also in my home country Germany the party started yesterday night Рfor example here in Hamburg. Many friends stayed awake as long as they could in order to follow the results, rarely there was such an enthusiasm in following US elections. The Twitter results for Obama around the world seem endless!

I really like the speech of McCain , too- the words of a good and fair looser in a very gripping battle over the last months Рand therefore leaving McCain not at all as a looser to my mind.

Whoever wants to know more about¬†Obama and his roots, his first book gives answers. It can also console the people who voted for McCain and help them understand why Obama might not be as bad for them as they think. His mixed heritage and¬†having lived in Indonesia for a few years as a youngster right after¬†Sukarno’s period of reign and the independence struggle of the country are only afew points that show why Obama should be able to understand the struggles of our modern world and contribute wherever possible to solutions. And understand his own people of course, which is why¬†he should become a very good representative¬†for his nation within the international community.

Best of luck and fingers crossed for his new ventures one can only say – and eagerly await the events & news of the months to come.