Weekend = time for Grythyttan again!

Like a colleague said “You go there very often, don’t you?” Yes, true. Partly because my partners mom lives there and her being over seventy means that she needs some help with getting everything ready for winter, stuff fixed etc.. Apart from that it is a beautiful landscape out there. Just nature and right now in all autumn colours you can imagine. It is like being in a whole different world where different things matter – something along the lines of computer, ipod, blackberry getting swapped with saw, hammer and screwdriver.

This weekend however, there is a whole different challenge. Swedish countryside meets technology. Even if gadgets are pushed into the background as described, one needs techie stuff out there in order to have a good connection to the outer world.

So we will be – installing broadband, yes. The telecom company digged the wholes, laid the cable and established the connection into the house. Now we will have the fun of laying the cable inside the house. Last weekend we had fun with the measure tape and planning. We will need to drill a whole into the ceiling to the upper floor, luckily all made out of wood. That inclines that one better makes sure that 1. the drill comes through at the right point and 2. no other cables get damaged ;-).

Already in the morning today my beloved has the challenge of finding a long drill – 45 cm length should do… and Bauhaus will hopefully deliver what we need. Apart from that about 40 m cable will be involved. So this should keep us busy until Sunday afternoon. Lots of Fika breaks with tea and kanelbullar included of course.

Apart from that it is time for – winter tyres! So hopefully we also get an appointment with the tyre shop for the little car. Changing we could easily do ourselves, but we also want to get the wheels balanced. Here one has tyres with studs – means little metal parts that give a better grip on ice and snow, better than any average winter tyre. In Germany with warmer winters than here, studs got forbidden already a long time back. Reason: it seems to kill the road surfaces. However, Germany being much better covered by “Winterdienst” which clears the roads, might not need these little helpers. Although maybe people in the Alps would prefer to have these in addition to snow chains. However, in Sweden and most of the country being proper countryside, studs are definitely much needed.

Weekend joy, here we come 🙂

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