Female Riders need…

…. good riding equipment! Last weekend I did one of the great cources of SMC (Sveriges MotorCyklister). I was one of the few ladies taking part (think we were maybe 6 among 62 peeps). Apart from my bike, the second oldet on track (there was also a Honda from 1979), my leathersuit got a lot of attention. First I thought “Never seen a girl in leathers?” – but then someone dared to ask where I bought my suit. Then I understood of course.

So I learnt that most lady riders here try to squeeze themselves into leathers or clothes for male riders – which then fit more or less, mostly less. The result: one does not feel comfortable at all. Too long legs and sleeves, no hips allowed to have etc. – we know it all. As a consequence the security of female riders is also potentially at risk when being out and about on two wheels, i.e. if you cannot zip your jacket and trousers together.

By chance, when I still lived in London, I got to know about the shop GirlsBike2 – and the ladies there really know their stuff. They are riders themselves and I got the most competent advice ever when buying my leathersuit and back protector. Another thing – back protectors for men are usually much too long for women’s backs, yet often ladies have to buy them simply as they are not given a choice.

At GirlsBike2 you get advice in the shop but also on the phone and by email. They also ship their products abroad. Their range is a high quality one and made to fit you, no matter which body shape. You can i.e. buy Daytona boots, one of the best brands on the market. You buy one pair and it lasts forever. Handmade in Germany, by the way. Or you can order like me an Alpine Star leathersuit which will  fit ladies with curves perfectly whilst giving you one of the best possible protections on road or race track.

Anyway, check it out online or (better even) visit a shop and have fun riding! 🙂

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