Moving Diary – Chapter II

The weekend was a really good mix of laziness and being busy at the same time.

It started with us having a look at the new flat and most of all the newly decorated sleeping room – veeeery nice indeed, a good job they did. We will now order some more wallpaper for the living room, but that one we’ll have to deal with ourselves. Or better saying the boyfriend’s brother-in-law, who is one of the skilled  painters in our family and who will probably start his own company during summertime. Let’s see if we will be his first customers 🙂

Anyway – despite the super nice and warm summer weather we started to pack a little bit now. One begins to realise that all going well, we will wake up in a different room in four weeks time!

The task tonight will be the hunt for moving boxes at Clas Ohlson – hopefully the shop has them in stock as well!

clasohls(Picture from Clas Ohlson’s website)

The laziness part of last weekend consisted of me having finished another Henning Mankell (“Danslärarens Återkomst”) – means around 200 pages in Swedish. Great reading experience and beautiful language. From my perspective, everyone learning the Swedish language and being halfway interested in good stories (not necessarily crime stories), should read Mankell.

The boyfriend on the other hand, unexpectedly found a new mobile phone with Expert Norrköping. His old phone went on strike last week and we were browsing a few mobile shops. Last station was Expert. Last but not least one could say , bevcause Expert was probably the best customer experience ever that I/we ever had when buying a mobile phone. It was Expert in “Varuhuset Linden” and the incredibly competent guy’s name is Robin Ulm. Thanks so much for this great sales experience, Robin – and I can tell you, my lovely man was very excited and most of all happy to get the new gear working. Despite having to transfer over 100 numbers manually from the over a decade old phone to the new one ;).

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