Offline Comfort for Onliners

Like everyone in the Twitter-Community I suffered a bit from the outage yesterday. But well, there are other things to do, especially now in that great summer weather and especially when this happens close to home- time.

Anyway, this morning I found out via a Skype chat from last night between my colleagues, that there is special comfort available for these cases when Twitter, Facebook etc. go offline for whichever reason.

One can get pillows !!


This is great. So if one has one of these, one could place it right next to the keyboard, have a nap during the downtime and then continue browsing etc. once everything is up and running again. Or simply take it to bed and have some sweet “treams”.

Well, the colleagues didn’t test it (yet) and so didn’t I (yet) – but who knows, it is good to know where to get comfort from when one needs it, especially when there is nobody left to turn to in the real world as a result of too much time spent in front of the computer. Okay, that was a sarcastic comment.

Admittedly, the pillow-idea is great and they look quite cute…. and my birthday is coming up, too……  .

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