Fall of Berlin Wall – 20 years

“Fall of Berlin Wall – 20 years since that fall with the fall of the wall. A relieve  for all.”

That’s how I’d summarise it in a very brief spontaneous rhyme.

And now everyone can be there digitally by taking part in the Berlin-Twitterwall:

That’s what I did and then sat there, waiting for my tweet to show up so that I could take this screenshot:


And then, guess what you get a few minutes later? Once the photoshoppery is almost done?

A wallmessage.

Containing a permalink to ones tweet on the wall.

How very thoughtful and thought through! Now I can take as many screenshots as I want, make postcards, T-shirts, mugs, pillows, posters and whichever other crazy idea your mind comes across 🙂 .

Now – try it yourself. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be on the wall after all!

Just not sure why they picked the West side there. Maybe cos it has loads of Graffiti on it. Looks a bit prettier than plain grey.

Never mind.

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