Geek Girl Meetup – tomorrow

This weekend will be truly exciting! The Geek Girl Meetup in Stockholm starts for two days fully packed with a great topics and tips. Take a look at the program and you will find everything from technical sessions, via blogging, social media related subjects to consulting. All organised and held by ladies for ladies – or shall one say lady-nerds, means call us what we actually are in one way or the other? It seems that the female “nerdiness” has at least as many facets as thgeekgirlmeetup001e male.

Anyway, I could not decide yet what I want to listen to or see. On my list is definitely the session of the famous WP Girls, simply because it is fun and I will definitely learn the one or the other thing. The second one I really want to listen to and try (!) is the session about the new Linux based Nokia 900. The rest will be decided then and there, I already know that the decision making will be hard.

Most of all, though, I am looking forward to spend two days with nerdy ladies – cos I usually spend my days with nerdy males, colleagues and the loved one at home to be precise. So I am curious to experience the difference and what actually is different – if there is any ūüėČ .

My plan is to blog short updates from the mobile phone to wha’ever, let’s see what I come up with tomorrow then. (Mental note: Don’t forget the battery charger).

Great ways to follow all the #ggm09 updates and related news are their underground backchannel from Maria Söderberg and their Twingly channel.

Maybe see you tomorrow then!

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