Sometimes I miss England

And the things I got used to so much during almost 5 years in London. So it is actually great to find shops like The English Shop on Södermalm in Stockholm.

You do not only find a great range of books but also all kinds of other products. Partly it resembles a classical well sorted corner shop. 
I resisted buying books of any kind (very untypical behaviour), none of the great Cadbury chocolate went into my bag and I left my favourite Bisto gravy on the shelf.

Instead I hit the tea shelf. Or did it hit me? Because – they have the great Twinings fruit tea range which otherwise seems to be impossible to get here in Sweden. Plus there exists nothing like it either. A huge market gap if you ask me. To underline why, here a little anecdote.

On my last trip to London I bought two packets fruit tea for my colleagues here. First they went like ‘This shall be fruit tea?!? Far too strong and to much colour.’ However, now they are hooked and might be even pleased to find a little top up of the tea stash in the cupboard tomorrow.

Back to the rest of my shopping bag. Whittards black tea with mango I felt for and also Scottish shortbread with chocolate chips seemed just right. And what I actually needed were two travel adapters for appliances with an English plug. I have a radio, a Hoover, a printer, a camera charger, a sewing machine and and a hairdryer with English plugs but just three adapters. Finally having two more will ease my life enormously as you can imagine. 
And that is why I did not mind paying about double for it in comparison to buying the same stuff in London.
 Next time the Bisto gravy will get into that bag, too. Should have bought it. And the Terry’s Orange Chocolate, the McVities Java Cake, the Cadbury Heroes…

Good that I am on the train home now. These thoughts would be very expansive if there was be the slightest possibility to put them into action. Strange how London trained shopping genes all of a sudden strike again out of the unexpected.

Good Night then.

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