The beauty of winter time

It still is a lovely winter landscape out there. Almost fairytale like at times as you can see.

However, this beauty is right now responsible for all regional trains in Östergötland being cancelled tonight – only the fast trains to Stockholm were still running. The reason? The fog freezes on the electrical leads the trains connect to – and it is only the fast trains that can actually take that challenge.

So we will see if I get to work by train or bus tomorrow 😉 Yesterday my train got evacuated because of that very problem, the train could not connect anymore to the electrical leads – a little adventure, but all went smooth. Footage is missing, though. The train staff made us laugh with announcements like “We do have an on-time-travel-guarantee, so please contact us tomorrow. You have been on train 8770, but they should know, it was the one who broke down in the sticks.” Together with the expression of the voice that one was comedy pure. 😉

Another thing I noticed. You go with the same people on the same train at the same times every day. And you never exchange a word. It takes these events to get people talking to each other. Even though they might look past you next day again when they sit opposite you or just give you a shy smile of recognition. Elevator behaviour I call that.

So, any more adventures ahead? And if so, peeps, keep talking to each other!

P.S.: Comment on the last pic. It says “After a walk in the cold, hot soup and hot chocolate will make you glad.” Well, they’ve got a point, don’t they?

2 thoughts on “The beauty of winter time

  1. Har en rolig historia om hur det kan bli när en del av oss svenskar ska uttala engelska/amerikanska ord. Jag var lägerledare en sommar i USA och hörde om en svensk tjej som tog med lite presenter till sin värdfamilj. Naturligtvis var det klassiska svenska saker, som i det här fallet ekströms blåbärssoppepulver. Men det kan ju vara lite svårt att få till det här med soup eller soap. Så det slutade med att farmodern i familjen var riktigt blå och undrande efter en skön stund i badkaret. Undrar hur länge hon var blå????

  2. Jätteroligt 🙂 Tack, Lena! Tror det finns många såna grejer – också tvärtom, så den sidan känner jag till ganska bra 😉 .

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