Scootering in London

Yesterday I got pointed to this video on

Pure Hooligan Awesomeness: London Scooter Riding Video | – Girlie Motorcycle Blog.

The note I got with it was: “Memories?”

And oh yes, man, this brings back memories.

Like I already commented on Fuzzygalore, I did not go as crazy on my scooter. Probably due to the facts that it was a bit bigger (Honda SH 125i) and that I definitely was more cautious. Plus less experienced than these guys since I only took my learner’s license and later the full mc-license in London.

Anyhow, I used to ride to work in thick morning traffic, and if you wanted to get to work in a decent time, you simply had to go a bit crazy like these guys. Which was fun and risky at the same time.

When I took my full license, at my school the instructors were divided between whether to show us how to ride in the “third lane” or not. The instructor of my group denied showing us how to do that. For our own security, as he said. And that should count for something, since he used to be one of the top-paid dispatch riders in London before becoming a riding instructor. He changed profession when he got married and had family, and his wife was not overly happy about him dispatch-riding.

Anyone who has been in London and experienced these people riding knows what I am talking about. And all others may want to watch this one:

This was my commuting route, by the way:

And this is my travel companion nowadays. Currently waiting in the garage for the few bits and bobs that need to be fixed before the next season starts.

Despite the snow outside, it is not far away anymore – yay ūüôā .

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