Precious – life is worth living

“It is about finding that light in the dark” – that is how the main actress Gabourey Sidibe describes the message of one of the heaviest movies I have seen in a long time – Precious.

And she is right, I think.

The movie is as Gabourey says much lighter than it might appear after reading what it is about. Although one is still shocked when watching it and one is close to tears. Very close in fact. So I am not sure if I want to know what the book is like… Listen to Gabourey’s interview here on

As for myself, I once more got reminded of how nice home and my family is – and it is just horrible to think that there are so incredibly many tragedies out there. What we sometimes consider a problem seems like a farce when watching this movie.

Precious is a great encouragement to deal with whatever life throws at one, especially considering the type of “luxury problems” that most of the people watching it are dealing with in comparison to the movie’s main character.

Go and watch it!

It has a great soundtrack, too.

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