Heels On Wheels

After a backlash with quite some nippy days just above 0 Celsius combined with snow showers, the sun came out again today, and it is slightly getting warmer, giving hope that the 1st of May next week won’t be the coldest one in the last decade.

1st of May? Yes. That is when the motorcycle season starts in Sweden.

And since I know of at least two women who contemplate since years whether to take their license or not – here is my advice: Just do it!

If you need some more inspiration, here you go:

I borrowed the title of this video partly for the blog post – describes it best, I thought.

And if you are already out and about on your own two wheels, then you might enjoy this one:

On Youtube.com is loads more material to make you want to go out now – just search for “women motorcycle ….”

Have fun, and I hope to see some of you around on 1st of May and during the season ūüôā .

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