A skeleton behind the wall….

Last weekend we finally managed to do some isolation in our summer house where we had some nice frozen tube during last winter when it was minus 25 Celsius and more at times.

While I was stuffing in the isolation material I already saw some kind of brown leaves flying past me onto the ground but I did not care and continued working.

When hoovering away all the dust later, that part was a bit too big for the hoover – and whaaa’!! (first reaction) what was it? A skeleton of a mouse! It must have been in there since ages. I picked it up after the first initial shock when realising what it actually was. First time ever I saw something like that and it was really interesting to feel how light it was, to see how thin the bones were.

Unfortunately I took no photo, but Lord V ‘s looks quite similar to the one we had.

Well, I understand now that for cats a mouse must be some kind of a tasty, crispy snack. I watched the cat of my sister having one of these (sound of cracking bones included) and now with this experience I fully understand his preference for mice. Although he does not reject birdies either, unfortunately….

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