Stollen 2010

The traditional Stollen just came out of the oven. Looks and smells good as last year, and I am sure the taste of it won’t disappoint either. We only have to wait for it at least one week, cos that’s the minimum time it has to rest after baking, at a cool and dry place. Ah yes, patience…

3 thoughts on “Stollen 2010

  1. Wow! Perre would love too have one!!!! He used to get one from his mother every christmas. Nowdays his sister makes him one every year. But I guess that yours are the “ORIGINAL AND BEST” as you probably have it in your genes or soo?! / Lena

  2. @Anton – jepp, however I have to say that this is probably not the Original one, the Original ones are the “Dresdner Stollen” – but then again, what is original when you read through this article? Stollen has a looooong history…. and not just in Germany.

    @Lena I will take some with me next time we meet! Also, I remember that the Stollen from Perre’s sister was really yummy! There are so many different recipes around and variations of these…. What counts is that it tastes great, doesn’t it?

    We tried this one on the weekend…. let’s say it was not at all disappointing ūüėČ

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