3 kilos in 4 days!

picture credit to http://www.dodietswork.com/

That is how much you can loose if struck by the power virus of the “vinterkräksjukan” or “winter puking disease” as you call it here in Sweden… And that is how much I lost last week, just by lying in bed and regularly visiting the bathroom…. Not. Much. Fun. At all.

On the other hand, why does one go to the gym, eats healthy and what not if one could loose weight this easily? Well, no, it is a horrible way of getting slimmer, even if it is without a doubt very effective…

In Sweden this Norovirus knocks out thousands of people each winter, and it therefore every year gets seasonal media coverage as you rarely have in other countries…

Anyway, I am back to normal again, thank goodness, and I would not wish this to my worst enemy.

Go and exercise, ladies and gents, if you want to loose weight, I hope you do not have to try this!

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