Webciety, re:publica, NEXT, Geek Girl Meetup – Conference Springtime is on!

Seems this year I catch up with everything conferencewise what I missed in 2010 (reasons being family member passing away, ash cloud etc.).

Anyway, this year you can meet me “live and in colour” (German proverb translated) at these events:

Webciety on CeBIT (01st to 5th of March 2011)

This one is already a gonner, but in case you want to check it out, I had the pleasure to take part in a discussion panel about Social Media Monitoring. Other members on the panel were Yasan Budak from Vico Research, Guilhem Fouetillou from Linkfluence, and last but not least Michelle Chmielewski from Synthesio.

If you are in the need of some afternoon or Friday entertainment and have 42 minutes to spare, here is the video of our session, includes us juggling with English and German.

Next on the list is the re:publica in Berlin! (13th to 15th of April 2011)

re:publica is the conference about bloggers, social media and digital society in Germany. The event goes into its 5th round and it could double the number of visitors every year. When tickets went on sale in  November 2010, the blogger tickets were sold out within one or two days… Speaking of a popular event to attend!!

This year Jakob Augstein, publisher of the weekly paper Freitag.de will be part of it again, and I also look forward to listening to the journalist Richard Gutjahr who reported live from Egypt this year when the revolution started. There are lots of other great speakers, check out the list!

In May I will travel to Berlin a second time and attend the NEXT Conference (17th + 18th of May 2011). Data Love is this year’s theme, and already now it is worth following their blog and all the buzz around it. Participants are also welcome to write on the blog, especially the official NEXT11-bloggers! I should also think about something smart to contribute with since I am part of the group of official bloggers, as a matter of fact my role will be more a bit of a host for the international guests rather than a blogger… But having the honour of being there alongside names like Joakim Jardenberg, Henriette Weber and Paula Marttila (all renown Scandinavian bloggers), Oliver Gassner, Olaf Kolbrück, Martina Pickkardt, Tapio Liller, Nikos Anagnostou and many others, that still puts quite a bit of pressure on 😉 …

In case you want to go but don’t have a ticket yet, there is still a chance to get one with a 20% discount !

Last but not least and probably dearest to me, there is the Geek Girl Meetup in Stockholm! (21st and 22nd of May 2011). I managed to secure a ticket today, and I also convinced Charlotta to join in. She studies interaction design in Stockholm, and right now she joins our team @Twingly as an intern. The Geek Girl Meetup’s themes Gaming and Creative Technology might be giving not only her lots of new ideas and inspiration. Go, girls, go!

Looking forward to meeting at least some of you on these events! 🙂 My aim is also to share some interesting happenings from these events and trips here on Wha’ever.com.

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