Food-Talks, Nerd-Boat, Fashionblogs & finally Icecream – Day 3 at #rp11

Day 3 at re:publica could be described with the most talks over food and beverages – and I must say it was extremely enjoyable!

We started off at 9am with NEXT breakfast at BASE_camp in preparation for NEXT conference in about 4 weeks. When coming back to re:publica, there was a change of schedule and we missed the sessions we were actually interested in. So we were forced to continue with a coffee session at espresso ambulanz around the corner, and when then finally the sun appeared, we simply had to go to Eismanufaktur as well. My dear Swedes in Östergötland, Eismanufaktur is a SEVERE competition for Bosses and Smultronstället

Following that we had a bit of lunch before walking back to re:publica, and soon it was time for entering the nerd-boat for boat-nerds. Background: re:publica organised 2 boat trips on the Spree. The tour was a bit limited since at the same time NATO was meeting in Berlin, but still great in the company of a simply awesome crowd of people!

Returning from the boat I attended the session about fashion blogs from Anna Weiland.

In her thesis she looked at how fashion blogs gained more and more influence in the fashion world and how fashion gets defined. I loved her session because it was well-structured and I finally understood the difference between a streetfashion blog, an informative rather fashion news orientated blog, and a personal fashion blog. I recently came across all 3 types for a blog report about the 20 biggest Norwegian fashion blogs. In future, this and other knowledge about the world of fashion journalism that Anna shared will help me doing an even better job. Me likes :)!

Following Anna’s session, we waited for the grand final to start, the big room was already packed with people when I tried to find a place for myself!

We did not get disappointed – it was an epic final (again!) with a couple of hundred people singing along Bohemian Rhapsody // Queeeeeen!! Think we made quite a unique cover version, wouldn’t you agree? (Never mind my “creative” attempt of filming this… just listen or turn the screen after a few minutes – thank goodness there is the easily turnable  iPad now 😉 )

By the way, I do NOT think that it was a total disaster that the w-lan in some places and at times didn’t work. Isn’t a conference there for walking around with eyes up and finally spotting the people one always wanted to meet in real life? Of course one never meets everyone one wanted to, but I met and saw a lot more people when walking around head up and eyes open rather than proceeding in the “head down only ipod exists”-position. This was an opportunity to add some real experience to the digital one!

A great day’s final for me was sitting with nice people at Salumeria Culinario – thanks for organising this Djure!

After that I just fell into bed, with lots of nice memories in my head and heart.

Thank you all for 3 great days, and see you next year maybe!

More pics you find on Facebook, btw – and @republica started collecting more blog posts here! Web-Writing-Magazin has more collected feedback, and so has elcario!

Have Google-translate ready, in case German is not your language.

By the way, if you would like to get a flavour of the Swedish social web scene, then keep an eye on Swedish Social Web Camp. It will be taking place in August, and you can contact Tomas and Kristin for details.

If you like what you see here (even if you might not understand it) then you should definitely plan this one in for your summer holidays!

Language isn’t anything to worry about, I’d say, English gets you far. But please note – complaints about non-working w-lan are not really on the menue. And as far as I know you might not have excessively much time for fiddling with your toys anyway :).

So come and join us if you dare!

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