Last things before #NEXT11

Tested the NEXT-APP in order to mark all my favourite sessions! And in comparison to other conference apps, the for me important parts like program and favourites work. Speakers seems not to function, when you want to see some more information, at least. I use iPhone 3GS. Anyway, quite good work, developers!

The app is also responsible for me having found a few more interesting sessions that will collide with the ones I already planned… The joy of choice! I.e. shall I on Day 2 watch Videopunk on Next Stage or rather Buttons, Behaviours, Robots?!

Otherwise I

printed my hotel confirmation and rang them, found out that they are located opposite famous KaDeWe … Convenient, don’t you think? Even though it is a shame, since I won’t really have any time for shopping, realistically at least.

– printed directions to both, hotel and NEXT

checked, double, triple and quadruple that I have my passport, tickets, money, …the NEXT ticket! Thanks for the check list, by the way!

– cannot get rid of the feeling that I forgot something. I usually don’t, but this is one of the reasons why packing is not the favourite part of mine when it comes down to travelling. Always this “did I switch of the oven?” kind of feeling. And that despite having just a few clothes and stuff for two days with me… Never mind.

Now I am sitting on the train down to Malmö, trying to relax over a few bites for dinner and enjoying the Swedish landscape swishing past me outside. Am actually curious about how I will be sleeping on the night train from Malmö to Berlin tonight! I mean, it will not only be train, the train will go onto the ferry Trelleborg-Sassnitz as far as I read… Plus the last time I did overnight trains was at the tender age of 10 together with my parents and my brother…

So if you meet me red-eyed, bad-hair-day-like and not overly talkative tomorrow, you’ll know ;)…

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