#Twingly5 – the most awesome event of Summer 2011!

Yesterday we celebrated the 5th birthday of Twingly!

Over 100 friends taking part in this – amazing!

Impressions you find on Facebook (my pics) and then the master of live video Björn Falkevik taped the best moments on Bambuser! Search for #Twingly5 and get ready to improve your Swedish!

Although it knocked me out again (I already had to stay home with the same cold this week) – it was a truly epic night, and I’d like to thank everyone, colleagues, friends and all our guests for making it what it was!

Despite the all of a sudden quite cold weather in the evening. Anecdote there: When registering all our guests got the anniversary T – and quite a few of them asked “Do we need to put it on now??” Nope, of course not. However, since temperatures dropped during the evening, I saw quite a few of you having put it on, as an extra layer. All blankets were also occupied. That’s how it is sometimes. Cos during lunch I thought like “Blankets…. bit over the top almost, but never mind…”, plus I got a slight sunburn as well….

Anyway, THANK YOU! 🙂

P.S.: Adding the link to the Twingly-post which contains more pics from Anders Sporring and Anton!

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