I like coffee and I love blogging

A great initiative from Flattr, the Pay A Blogger Day on 29th of November! (Tomorrow!)

This is what blogging would have earned me until now:

Not really anything, but this isn’t why I blog. I just think it is fun to keep an online-diary, and that it is an easy way to share thoughts as well as cool stuff that one encounters, either online or in real life.

Also, when you look at the range of web content, I think that it is important to find as many views on a subject as possible. No matter whether a journalist has written his take on things, or bloggers theirs. Only with lots of different opinions, uncensored by anyone, we will be able to get the full picture of a story. By the way, an insight about how journalists function, you can read here. Might be useful to know next time you want to pitch a story.

Anyway, even if blogging hasn’t earned me even as much as a cup of coffee yet, I will continue. You are very welcome to take a cup of coffee with me some time!And no worries, I can pay for myself or maybe even invite you ūüėČ

P.S.: I am particularly proud of my company Twingly who supports the “Pay a blogger Day”! Read their interview with Andrus Purde from Flattr!

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