Growing Tomatoes

This year was a tomato year. Out of 20 seeds I got 17 (!) plants. I started sowing them on the 6th of February, only 3 days later, 2 plants were showing their heads… And it continued in this pace, until all 17 were out within less than 3 weeks. They were first occupying the window board, and then later, when having been replanted an entire room, which we then called our little greenhouse. We had to close the door, because otherwise the smell of soil would have floated through the entire flat.

9 plants moved to a good home and made friends and family happy, 8 of them stayed on our balcony. Our plants had a hard time, they almost died of drought in June while we were away for week… Amazing that we still got a really decent amount of fruit!

Anyway, this is their story in pictures. By now they are probably compost. Tomatoes R.I.P.

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