#NEXT12 Impressions & No, We’re not Post Digital yet.

Although the Wifi on the first day sucked totally (and in my case also at the hotel… now it works, though) and although nobody seems to have listened to the suggestion to either make a nicer blogger area or even combine it with the speakers lounge (with working wifi and/or enough cables), it were again a great couple of days as an official blogger, and after all there must be some room for improvement for NEXT13, mustn’t it? (Update: Henriette Weber collected some great input – listen to her!)

Therefore, thank you for the invitation and thank you for some inspiring days in a summerish warm Berlin (trust me, it’s still a lot colder in Sweden…).

Here some impressions in pictures from the past days!


Absolutely great initiative. Next13 time this should be a standard with more cables. My 5 Cent.

We knew it all along, didn’t we. Data is porn. We Germans love our excel sheets, figures and stats. That fits into the picture now as well ;). And no – in case you wondered what I think – we are definitely NOT post digital. But maybe we will be in about 5 years, when really everyone is online with an online identity of some kind. When Germans can make their tax declaration online without a shitload of paper (Swedes have that in place since 10 years now). When even Grannies (and I mean the majority of grannies) are on facebook or a similar portal (who knows what will be by then). When your car tweets you that its tyres need an air pressure check. Something along that line. That’s what I’d then call “post digital”.

Maybe until NEXT13 then?

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