Do you speak … ?

A video found today via Facebook; two cocky Russians breaking the speed limit in Ukraine. They think they can get away with English, since they assume that these “stupid hillbillies” in Ukraine won’t be able to understand and that they this way skip the bill…. Well, far from it. The Ukraine cop actually speaks better English than the Russian. But watch for yourself ūüėČ

This reminds me of the numerous experiences on the London Tube when for example German tourists think they speak such a unique language that they can make bad remarks about the people around them without anybody understanding them… . Well, again, far from it.

When in Germany, I sometimes use Swedish as a “secret language” when accompanied by someone, who understands it. But I never make bad remarks or anything, since you can never be sure who’s listening. And Swedish would absolutely not be “secret” at all in Berlin where there are many Swedes living and visiting… . Therefore, just be a bit aware about your surroundings and show general respect. Definitely never try to be a smart-ass like these two experts in the video or like many tourists abroad. You never know who around you understands what you’re saying ūüėČ !

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