Jam and Marmalade FTW!

This week started for me with a jam making course at Harg Odlarna in Kisa! The course was in cooperation with Eldrimner in Östersund. Throughout the course we got to know quite a bit of new stuff about the basics of jam and marmalade cooking. I also got confirmed quite a bit of the knowledge I already had from my own more or less self-taught marmalade cooking sessions during the last seasons.

Apart from learning new things, it was great meeting other nerds of that area of interest, and it will be great fun to stay in touch with each other. Follow the link for pictures from the course. The ones of you that understand Swedish have a definite advantage when it comes to reading the recipes ;-).


P1000205 P1000204 P1000267 P1000257 P1000211 P1000210



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