Project completed!


One of the chairs that I wrote about in my last post is now actually renovated!
Yesterday evening the chair got a few nice layers of Shellac. Shellac is great to work with, because it dries very quickly. One has to be careful, though, not to apply the next layer too fast. Otherwise the first layer might dissolve again, resulting in the surface not being as shiny and smooth as it should be.

After that, the glue pistol got some work to do. It is an almost meditative, highly focussed work to get the furniture ribbon in the right place and straight, and no glue in places where there shouldn’t be any. Especially in the places that are not as easily accessible, like  where the armrests join the backrest.

Anyway, now everything is done, and the chair will move back to it’s home soon.

Here are some more pictures of this week’s masterpiece 🙂 . 

Before                                                                        After


The entire series you’ll find on Flickr!


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