The interweb is kaputt!

Sometimes life is tricky. For example when the interweb is kaputt. Especially when you participate in a blogging competition like #blogg100. And you are forced to a life totally offline due to unforeseen circumstances!!! ūüėČ

You come home to your parents’ place on the night before Good Friday, all shops of course already closed, and some of the first information you get is “Anja, the lights on this box stopped working. And the computer does not want to work either anymore”.

Right. Tonight’s and tomorrows blogposts one can safely forget about, since there is no way to buy new equipment on red days. A thorough check of the installation showed that the cable and volt-converter to the router decided to die. Like two weeks ago.

So, best case, only the cable is broken, and not the actual router box. We were lucky, so it was, the router was alive! We took the opportunity to check the local shops with IT-equipment, and to our positive surprise, there was capable and knowledgable staff in all of them! Unlike in Sweden sometimes, where all people seem to be able to do is selling, but not necessarily giving great service and good advice.

Now the machinery is working again! To the best and to the worst. Cos now there are new questions to solve. Such as “Anja, how does this work again when I want to write an email? And why does it take such long time for the computer to load?” ūüėČ

However, great parents I have, who endeavour the internet at the age of over 70 and 80!

#24 of #blogg100

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