Comparing countries. Today: Bicycles on public transport

Having spent about a week in the motherland Germany, one notices once again that bicycles are a very important part of daily transport. Not only in town, but also between towns.

Provided that there is enough space on the train, people are allowed to take their bicycles with them, in a carriage with a zone for bicycles. Lots of people make use of this option for example when they are out for a longer Sunday tour, or holidays by bike.

In town the same applies to trams – if there is space, you can take the bike with you on board.

This is also the case in the UK, like i. e. in London and suburbs.

Surprisingly enough, in Sweden, you are not allowed to take your bike on board of a train or tram. Not even on the local commuter trains between towns. And that although these trains are far from being crowded even during “rush hour” in comparison to German or British trains.

I wonder why the Swedes didn’t plan for this? It would be an ideal country with ideal conditions for bike-train-travelling. During summer, more bike travelling tourists could take this opportunity and discover even more of this beautiful country, and fill the otherwise at this time rather empty trains.

So, why not, traffic planners and public transport authorities? Shouldn’t we give this a go?

P1020329.JPGOn Nordwestbahn in Northern Germany (Line between Wilhelmshaven and Osnabrück, and Oldenburg – Bremen.)

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