With interest, I follow the trend of having cacti. Or things designed cacti. There are cacti everywhere! On tea towels, curtains, salt and peppar sets, t-shirts – you name it. 

I find it quite fun since I always have been a big fan of that group of plants. They are sturdy, survive holidays and dry periods without any problems whatsoever, and they bloom beautifully if cared for.

Some of the ones I have on my window board I even call “weapons”. One of the cacti has such thin and sharp stings, that they spear a fly instantly when it tries to settle on the plant.

It is even double fun with the cactus trend, since people who regarded them as super ugly now are really into them. For this period at least 😉 .

The advantage is that one can buy right now an awful lot of species that you didn’t see in the shops since years, or not at all. Win!

Well, we’ll see how long this “fly” lasts! 😉



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