Last upholstery session for spring season

Yesterday was the last upholstery session before summer. Summer? Well, temperature wise it feels more like winter right now, but that is a totally different topic.

This is how far I got with chair number 2 of my antique chairs:


All the springs are set and fixed, and the first layer of thick padding (Cocos fibre) is covered by the fabric.

Yesterday it was the “gym-session”. That means that you have the chair lifted and that you try to make stitches with the thread that holds the padding. The stitches have to be set in a way that they do not interfere with neither the springs or any other threads, like the ones holding the springs. One uses a long needle with double tips for that, so that you can go back up with the needle without having to turn it. Which would be practically almost impossible, with springs all around.



Once the thread is set, one tightens it. One works backward and pulls the thread tight, in order to get a very firm padding as the first padded layer on top of the chair’s springs. One repeats the tightening process as often as needed, I think in this case it took about seven times until there was not much more to tighten.

After that, one fastens the fabric using a staple gun onto the wooden construction of the chair. I did the back s well as the sides.

The next step will be to add some more padding in the front, and then to fasten that part as well. The front also needs to be sewn in a special way.

I will keep you posted!


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