Rainy discovery run

Originally, the plan was to go to the country side this weekend. The weather gods convinced us to stay at home, though, and instead take care of other stuff, inside.

I started yesterday by going for a 7,5 km morning run. And it became one of the nice discovery runs. When approaching home again (by then it was pissing down with rain), I went past the old water reservoir tower, close to the football arena in Norrköping.

About five years ago the tower had been converted to mini-flats for students. There are 12 floors with four small flats per floor, and you can go up to the roof top as well. Usually you need a door code for getting in there, which I obviously don’t have.

Yesterday, though, all entrance doors were wide open. I didn’t meet or see anyone, so after a bit of hesitating I took the elevator up to the roof top in order to see what it looks like.

I got rewarded with beautiful views over a rainy Norrköping. The tenants have a nice communal outside space with two barbecue grills up there, a dream for students at least in my eyes. Can I be twenty years younger, get a flat there and join the party??

Here are some pictures of yesterday’s mini adventure.

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