Are you aware about your surroundings? Do you look thoroughly when changing lanes while driving a car? Or when stepping out of your door?

Or do you belong to the people who text or facebook while driving a car, while riding a bicycle or while walking?

If so, do you feel safe?

I then should probably ask instead “Do you feel lucky?” (to talk a bit of Dirty Harry)

Cos it is just a question of time until you get involved in an accident if you lack awareness.

Best case you walk into another person, also occupied with his/her smartphone, not paying attention and knowing what going on around you.

Worst case you walk into a car whose driver is facebooking while driving – that could end not so lucky…

To be aware of what’s going on around you is a life saver.

So, please, watch out! For your own sake and the sake of others around you.

If you want to get better at being aware of what’s going on around you, a recommendation is to watch the clip below about the William Aprill awareness exercise.

Yep, as you can see, basic martial arts principles can also be applied and are useful in many situations of everyday life.

Be aware, stay safe! 


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