Movie-time: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or MySpace?

Clearly, with The Social Network to come to cinemas in autumn, a new trend has started – movie trailers about other social networks. Even though they are fake, they are fun to watch – and my bet is that if The Social Network becomes a success, we will see a lot more of these. So, what’s your favourite?

Here are the links to the trailers:
– The Social Network

– YouTube
fun fake movie trailer inspired by the one above, so far at least, with the respective article on TechCrunch. Let’s face it, YouTube is a big movie in itself, innit ūüėČ – a big advantage to have all material ready, you just need an editor with wizzard-like skills, don’t you?

– Twitter the latest addition to the parodies:

What’s your favourite? Personally I love the Twitter one. However, just re-discovered the very old MySpace-movie which is kind of classic and always fun to watch.