Family and Computers/ Internet

Parents and Internet, especially when they are over 60 (no offence to all senior citizens who actually CAN do this!) often proves to be a special topic. But also younger people seem to be affected, like my 46-year old sister. As I am living abroad and as my birthday is coming up and as for a change I really wish for something that one can actually and send via Amazon, I asked them to simply order it via Amazon and send it directly to me. The result? “Well, I am not sure if I manage to order that online, you know, I’ll take a look at it first”, was my sister’s response. My offer to order it myself then was also not appreciated (eye rolling at my end). It is interesting how an age difference of only 13 years can be so significant when it comes down to using the internet. Not to talk about my mum. That is really like this post could not say it any better. I ALWAYS get out of these Computer/Internet conversations with a biiiiig head ache. Therefore I found particularly the comments of Börni and Erdge Schoss very helpful. While I cannot use Börni’s anymore as my family knows I cannot do Linux I can definitely try the suggestion of Erdge Schoss. Might work very well. 😉

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