Go Bama!

A great day today – even for me who usually follows politics and economy with great interest but who is not necessarily very political.

Barack Obama won – and that with a significant distance to John McCain. The first time ever I saw him with an almost relaxed smile, that must be the relief of the entire election marathon having come to an end now. Great that he made it, and that he already seems to give America its face back in the international scene is maybe best shown in the fact that in Gaza one can buy mugs with his image on and that Kenya declared the 5th of November to a National Day. Also in my home country Germany the party started yesterday night – for example here in Hamburg. Many friends stayed awake as long as they could in order to follow the results, rarely there was such an enthusiasm in following US elections. The Twitter results for Obama around the world seem endless!

I really like the speech of McCain , too- the words of a good and fair looser in a very gripping battle over the last months – and therefore leaving McCain not at all as a looser to my mind.

Whoever wants to know more about Obama and his roots, his first book gives answers. It can also console the people who voted for McCain and help them understand why Obama might not be as bad for them as they think. His mixed heritage and having lived in Indonesia for a few years as a youngster right after Sukarno’s period of reign and the independence struggle of the country are only afew points that show why Obama should be able to understand the struggles of our modern world and contribute wherever possible to solutions. And understand his own people of course, which is why he should become a very good representative for his nation within the international community.

Best of luck and fingers crossed for his new ventures one can only say – and eagerly await the events & news of the months to come.

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