Now is the time for cookies, candles and cuddles

Looking outside, it started to snow a bit – still a bit thin regarding the snow flakes but it is cold enough for it to stay. When I left for my tram this morning the big tree in front of Norrköpings Konstmuseum just got decorated with lights. Yep, Christmas time is again approaching with big steps and again this takes one by surprise, like in all the previous years!

That means that I will sit down this weekend and see which Christmas presents for friends and family I already have and which ones still need to be prepared or bought – and then sent so that Snail Mail has a chance to deliver the goodies in time.

Yes, and then there is this huge traditional thing of baking cookies! A tradition I did not follow through for the last five years because there was always something else that was “more important” to do… But this year there actually will be the smell of nice and fine bakery in the air 🙂 Also the candles will be taken out and one actually can enjoy some nice and cuddly winter evenings now. Great.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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