Signs of Springtime

One of the first springtime signs is that since last week we are the proud owners (rental better saying) of a new garage for our four two-wheelers! Finally a proper home for them, and for us another additional hangout, livingroom or whatever you want to call it. The ladies that need some extra TLC (means they are not rideable at the moment) already moved in. We spent the weekend putting up some hooks and shelves on the wall and doing necessity-shopping at Clas Ohlsson.

In addition we made friends with one of the owners of the big neighbour-garage in that complex. It is five guys with custom bikes that rent that one – and they do have a loo… Could come in extremely handy if there is a certain need after a day out on the bike and home is far away… I think you know what I mean. Also, the guy we met gave us some tips of where to get a couple of sturdy shelves for all our stuff. Parts, tools and manuals for four different bikes do take some space and the storage we have right now is not really sufficient.

The poor one we spoke to returned btw to the garage in snow showers on his Kawasaki. Why that? Well, over the weekend springtime made an attempt to beat winter. And succeeded partly. Means on Saturday I sat outside on the balcony, in short sleeves and enjoyed the morning sun – without freezing. The entire Saturday it was (for the first time in 2009) gorgeous jeans-jacket-weather. Like our new-won friend we thought  it would continue like that during Sunday. So we went for a short bicycle tour wearing the same outfit as on the day before. And it became a very short tour – because it started snowing. Therefore, quickly back inside, winter jacket, cap and gloves on- and walking to the shops instead of cycling. It is supposed to be like that the entire week. But then again it cannot take very long anymore till springtime finally wins. The days are longer than the nights now! And in this country you can really see and feel the difference from week to week.

How much I look forward to us getting the other two bikes ready for rolling and down to the new garage… and then go to work by two wheels instead of train… nice.

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