Speedway tonight!

Tonight might be speedway for us – live in Norrköping. So the weather will stay, and so the loved one does not have to work overtime.

It will be an exciting match, since Norrköping’s Vargarna and Gislaved’s Lejonen met each other in the final of the Swedish Championship (“Elitserien”) last year.

This is what it looked like during the final last year:

(picture courtesy to Norrköpings Tidningar)

Vargarna were quite unexpectedly having a great season last year, but they did not start off very well at all in 2010. So it will be a bit nerve-wrecking to see Lejonen with Leigh Adams & team fighting Vargarna, where there is no Tai Woffinden tonight, but at least people like Adam Shields and Adam Skornicki, the latter being one of my personal favourites.

All in all Vargarna can actually be quite glad that neither Chris Holder nor Nicki Pedersen will be riding tonight. Nicki holds position 8 in the Speedway GP right now, and Chris is on position 9. Both are two of the international top riders during the past years in Speedway, with Nicki leading Lejonen to two wins of the Swedish Championship since he joined the club in 2008. However, even Lejonar seem to have to work harder this year, although they are in 3rd position while Vargarna positioned 8th right now.

Well, I keep my fingers crossed for Vargarna, despite deepest respect for Lejonen!

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