The Sound of Speedway

Speedway yesterday night was awesome!

As usual so much better than just watching it on TV! Apart from that we were spoiled with gorgeous warm sunshine until late in the evening. It was the first proper summer night with still 19 Celsius at 9pm.

The best of it: Vargarna won! With 56 : 40, which is quite an achievement, even though the match took place on home ground, which usually means a stronger position for the team.

Lejonen had hardly any fans on the set, and the commentator even felt the need to encourage the ones that were there not to be afraid to cheer when their team won a heat.

See here the second heat I filmed – a completely different sound to Vuvuzelas, isn’t it? And much more beautiful, I’d say.

Obviously I have to bear them tonight again since Germany meets Ghana in the World Cup… ūüėČ

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