Keeping track of re:publica-tweets #rp11

As you might have read in my last post I already thought a bit about which sessions to visit and who I would like to meet at re:publica.

Like always during the last days before re:publica starts, my Twitter timeline is crowded with #rp11-tweets – there are a lot of tips flying around as well as people fixing times for a coffee-chat.

My company last year developed a visual tool for conferences called “Liveboard” where one can see the latest tweet about a certain hash-tag, other hash-tags used in conjunction with that one, the top users by number of mentions and updates. Apart from that one can also see during which time of the day there was “tweet-high-time”,  and on which days most tweets were sent.

Today we set up a Liveboard for all tweets that contain #rp11, which is the official hash-tag for everything happening around re:publica.

Open this link in Safari, Chrome or on your iPad: Right now I have it open in Chrome on a second screen and watch the numbers just rolling in. Will be really cool to see what this looks like during and after the conference!

Please note that Liveboard is HTML5 based and works in Safari, Chrome or on your iPad!

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