re:publica approaching in vast steps!

The re:publica is approaching vastly, and finally I found some time to check out their schedule. Thought it might a good idea to kind of plan at least my personal “must-sees”.
So this is my list with the sessions where you will be most likely to meet me:

Day 1

Opening at 10.00 – I will try not to miss that, although I will be arriving only that morning…

Personally, I don’t feel that day 1 has that much to offer for me, but I think I will check out these sessions:

12.00 Wenn Linke Linke verlinken with @codeispoetry – Tom Pfeiffer is a great story teller, and although I am almost sure I won’t learn anything new there, I know it will be enjoyable to listen to what he has to say about what other people can learn about you on the web without you actively doing anything there…

16:00 Global Voices – Are you listening? I don’t know much about this blogger community and want to learn more simply!

18:00 Utopia London  I was a Londoner from 2003 to 2008, and in my heart I still am. So I follow everything happening there still with a great interest, and I look forward to look at this fascinating city with the eyes of Tom Cordell.

The sessions that I really want to see on Day 2 are:

10.00 The Internet of Elsewhere One hears a little bit about how internet is used in other countries, now, this is a chance to learn even more about which role it plays in other cultures and countries like i.e. South Korea.

12.00 Openleaks with Daniel Domscheit-Berg – not sure what he will manage to tell us about Openleaks during 30 minutes, but hey, seems to be worth checking it out, and maybe there will be signed copies of his book which I still have to and want to read? Am curious if this will result in much more than celebrity spotting.

12.30 Flattr 1 year  with Peter Sunde  – Another successful Swedish export, flattr launched on re:publica last year when I wasn’t there, but I saw it during the year being used on many blogs and even newspapers like taz. Personally I consider flattr a genious alternative to any kind of paywalls – if your content is good, people will pay for it. Voluntarily. Will be great to learn how flattr did so far!

15:00 Diaspora – building a better way to share Don’t know much about this project, but I would like to learn more about the principles of it. Not at last because we at Twingly also look at smart ways to share information for our current new project.

20:00 Twitterlesung ? Would be about time for me to attend one, but then again, maybe I spend the evening otherwise. We’ll see.

Day 3 – like on day 1 I don’t find a lot that interests me, so I will probably be visiting a few business partners in Berlin and just being around on the conference, catching up with people.

Anyway, these sessions I am interested in:

16:00 10 years of blogging in Germany I don’t expect anything new here since I follow the development, being quite a newbie in terms of blogger myself. Also, it seems in Germany bloggers have total different challenges to deal with than in other countries. I only say “Abmahnung”.

17:00 Fashion blogs and their role in fashion journalism internationally  This will be fun to listen to since fashion bloggers are big in Sweden, but they are also getting increasingly important in Germany it seems. So I expect learn a bit about the challenges for fashion bloggers in different countries, what influence they actually have and how they get treated by fashion journalists, but maybe also by shops and brands.

Right! Now you have the corner stones of my program at re:publica!

Otherwise I can see myself pottering around, networking and chatting all day, so comfy shoes will definitely find their way into my luggage.

Looking forward to seeing you around – feel free to ping me on Twitter if you want to catch up!

Now I just have to print this post and put it into my pile to take with me next week. Kidding 😀

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