Midnattssolsrallyt 2011

Midnattssolsrallyt – is an annual rallye taking place in summertime in Värmland, with classic cars! More information you can find here, in Swedish, though.

We caught them at their lunch stop in Hällefors. That was like 2 weeks ago – time goes fast!

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And this is what it looks and sounds like when they pull into their service stations.


Instantly one dreams of a bigger garage, more time and taking part in a rallye oneself, doesn’t one?

There were at least two lady drivers, with their husbands (presumably) as card readers at their side. These ladies both looked very determined, it was really nice to watch them!

And since the BF recently mentioned that I should definitely consider a rallye-camp, as I took the bends swiftly (and admittedly quite a bit over the speed limit) on our way over the curvy roads on the countryside – maybe not such a bad idea after all to get into it? It should then be an old BMW, Saab or Porsche, though. My birthday approaches, and I love presents… ;).

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